Thursday, 12 May 2016

New Prefect

New Prefect
Last Friday at Assembly, George Puepuemai became one of the year 8 Prefects for 2016. George Puepuemai is a Student at Point England School who recently became a Prefect last Friday. George was selected out of a lot of year eights. It was unanimous choice due to, when Mrs Nua asked each teacher out of the year 7 & 8 block they all had chosen George.  

What was moving and special about this assembly presentation was that it was so supportive and encouraging of George’s family to come and support him when he became a Prefect. You could definitely see the happiness in each and everyone of his family’s face. It was so totally supportive of his family. As each of his family members came up and gave him Hugs and Kisses they also gave him presents like $20 dollars, a flower lei, Chocolate, and a few other things.

I think the way Puepuemai family’s support encouraged me to “Make Kindness Go Viral” by being respectful to the teachers, Being kind to my friends and family, and also being and giving 100% every single day, and many other ways of ‘Making Kindness Go Viral’.

I think PES students will take or learn that we should always Make Kindness Go Viral by being 100% everyday. You can also make kindness go viral in many other ways too.I think I can list 2 ways I can help to “ Make Kindness Go Viral “ in my PES home class. I found out that you can make kindness go viral by cleaning up the classroom when your teacher asked you too.

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