Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hakaraia the Warrior Peacemaker

WALT: Evaluate the text

This week in Miss Clark's Literacy class, the Louis Sachars were reading about Hakaraia the Warrior Peacemaker. In the presentation above, the Louis Sachars and JK Rowling's had to answer questions from the text. Once we had finished our questions, we had to do the design and create part of it. The Design and Create part was to design and create a monument to help us remember Hakaraia. We needed to state where it would be located e.g. outside Auckland Museum or in a particular/relevant town to Hakaraia. Our Monuments needed to represent Hakaraia for an example it may have a cross on it because he was a strong believer in God. We could design and create a statue, image, or cloak. We needed to write a few sentences to support our monuments or statue. After that, we had to read the extension text and answer them too.

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