Wednesday, 31 August 2016


This week in Miss Berry's maths class, for this week we're focusing on measurement. Our WALT for this task is to solve word problems that require the length, area, volume, and capacity, weight (mass) that need to be converted. I thought that it was a bit hard to learn at first, but as I worked through the presentation it began to become easier.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Updates

Why New Zealand Should be Happy with their Silver medals


This week in Literacy, we had to read an article about the New Zealand cycling team happy with Silver Medal at the Olympics. During this task, Our WALT was to : 1. Justifying - Clarify and justify my own interpretation and understanding of complex ideas and issues. 2. Analysing - analyse ideas and information to reflect critically on the meaning. We had to read the article and say what our own opinions on what they think about this event. Take a look at what my opinion was on this situation.

The Cross Country Lesson : Cross Country Narrative

As Sam ‘s cold feet touched the solid pavement and approached the starting line, Sam tried to ignore her stomach churning like a washing machine. Just standing there intently, Sam attempted to stop thinking negatively and try think positively. Sam took her place behind the starting line, and started scanning where to run. Every year 7 & 8 has to run two laps and every lap is 3 km, therefore stamina is helpful.

Sam’s plan for running the cross country was pretty simple. She would jog from the starting line to the black gate, where runners continue through running and power walk as she continue on through the gate. Second from the black gate and continue jogging. From there on, Sam decided that she would keep jogging at a steady pace.

Soon the race began and Sam started off at a slow pace trying to save her energy for later on. As Sam kept a steady pace, Jordan one of her friends caught up. As they both kept jogging they soon reached the black gate, and started to power walk just as planned.

As they both kept jogging, they almost got into crash ups. Crash ups are when you are running next to someone and you trip accidentally, as you go down you take down the other person who's beside you. As Sam was saying they jogged past people, we spoke encouraging comments, to support them and make them keep going.

Sam and her friend Jordan kept jogging, luckily they both were great long distance runners. As they kept running the finishing line was shortly in sight, and both of them started to speed up.  

Jordan and Sam both kept on jogging and passed several teachers, who shouted encouraging comments. Soon they had the finish line in sight and slowly picked up speed, finally they finished the starting line and started their second lap.

They continued on jogging and in a few minutes, both of them finished our second lap. As tired as a sloth, they finally finished their run. Sam was so puffed out, She didn’t have the strength to talk. Her thoughts on this cross country are, cross country wasn’t that bad. It was rather fun, exciting and exhausting all at the same time.

Sam who once didn’t like running the cross country, is now proud of herself for pushing herself to run the cross country. She learnt a very important lesson from this experience. And that lesson was to “Never give up and you’ll achieve your goals”.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Why do we need Sleep ?

This explanation is going to outline the process of sleep. The process of sleep is a cycle where our bodies our minds regenerate, recover, process information and relax. Sleep is essential for our bodies everyday, so we can function to the best of our ability.

Sleep is an important part of our lives. As humans we sleep for 36% of our lives which is 1/3 of our lives. Sleep is when our bodies recharge and our brains repairs. When we sleep our bodies recover and our brain sorts itself. Sleep is a state when our bodies and minds relax. And our nervous system is inactive and our bodies recovers from tiredness.

Everyone has different sleep times. Adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep to function properly. Toddlers need 14 to 11 hours of sleep, Preschoolers need 10 to 16 hours of sleep. School Children need 9 to 11 hours of sleep and Teenagers need 7 to 11 hours of sleep to function properly.

Not enough sleep and too much sleep is really bad for our health. If we didn’t get enough sleep we could get multiple diseases like : Heart disease, Diabetes, Obesity and 12% higher chance of Death. But if we get too much sleep we could still get diseases such as : Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity and 30% higher chance of Death.    

Researchers have tested how much sleep we need by assigning groups of people to sleep for 4, 6 and 8 hours. According to Scientists and Researchers after 14 days, people with 8 hours of sleep have no problems with concentrating and staying awake. However, the people who have 6 hours of sleep are just the same as if they were drunk. And people who have 4 hours of sleep find it really really hard to stay awake.

There are different sleep types. For an example : some people are light sleepers also known as a nap and a deep sleep which is what we do at night. The differences between a light sleep and deep sleep is very easy to detect. A light sleep is when we sometimes are still able to hear things when we’re asleep and also wake up faster than a deep sleep. A deep sleep is different from a light sleep because a deep sleep is longer, it’s a sleep so deep that we can’t feel or hear anything. So if you try awakening someone from a deep sleep, you'll have to try a couple of times again.

In this explanation I have explained the process of sleep. Just a reminder, sleep is a cycle where our bodies our minds regenerate, recover, process information and relax. Sleep is absolutely an important essential for our bodies everyday, so we can function to the best of our ability. Now that you know a bit more, hope this explanation was helpful and you’re getting enough sleep each and every night.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Russia cheating in the Olympics (Our Opinion)

This week in Literacy, we had to read 3 articles based on Russia using drugs in the Olympics. During this task, our WALT was to : Use our prior knowledge to analyse the text. The Louis Sachars have used a Padlet to say what their own opinions on what they think about the problem. Have a look ! 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Silicon Valley Talk - Gabe & Saia

Today at 9:30 am, Two tamaki College students came and talked to the Year 7&8 Students. 2 months ago which was at the end of term 2, they came and talked to us about their all expense paid trip to San Francisco, California.
When they arrived here, they put on a mini movie about their trip. They got to visit the world’s top leading companies, such as : Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Kiwi Landing Pad, Stanford University, Khan Academy, Xero, Microsoft. They also got to visit the Alcatraz Prison.
They talked about their future plans and their favourite places. Saia 's future plans were to attend Uni in Arizona. And Gabe hadn’t thought about his future plans. Gabe’s favourite places were : Alcatraz, Khan Academy and others. Saia’s favourite places were : Stanford University, Facebook, and many others.  
At the ending of the talk, They’re advice and motivation for us was to stay in school, and always strive to succeed. They’re advice for us was to always set a goal for ourselves and to try and achieve that goal.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Explanation writing : Why do our Muscles get tired ?

Did you know that a human body has more than 600 muscles ? Well you can find out more by reading this explanation. In this explanation, I will define why do our muscles get tired. Every human has more than 600 muscles in their body.The muscle system is made up of cells that group together to become tissue.   

In our bodies, our muscles need oxygen and energy so we can work properly. When we’re exercising we need to get enough oxygen and energy to those muscles. When we’re running, hiking or exercising really hard we need enough oxygen and energy to work properly.   
There are different types of muscles such as, Smooth muscles, Cardiac muscles and Skeletal muscles. Smooth muscle or another name is Involuntary muscles, which move without you even trying. Because Involuntary muscles are moved by different parts of the brain.

Smooth muscles are at work, when a person throws up. The smooth muscles push the food through the stomach, up the esophagus and out the mouth. When people go to the gym and are lifting weights, they are mainly working on their skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles are the muscles that give you shape. Skeletal muscles are also the muscles which most people think are the only muscles they have.

In this explanation writing I have explained what muscle fatigue is and how it is caused. Once again, Muscle fatigue is when you’re exercising, our muscles need oxygen and energy to work. So when we’re exercising really hard our Muscles sometimes doesn’t get enough oxygen and energy.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Explanataion Writing : How the Olympic Games came to be ?

The Olympics are an international sporting games. At the Olympics, athletes from around the world compete against each other. From each country, only the top athletes compete. The Olympic games are held every four years. In this explanation writing, I will be explaining how the Olympics came to be.

Thousands of years ago what used to be as part of a religious festival dedicated to the greek gods, were the Olympics. The Olympic games continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius the first in 391 A.D announced that all such “Pagan Cults” be banned. Emperor Theodosius was a chirstian and abolished the games, because the Olympic games were dedicated to a pagan god and banned all pagan practices. In 15 hundred years later in 1896 the summer and winter Olympic games began.

This year the Olympic games are being held in Rio. Every four years a different country is chosen to held the Olympics. When the Olympics are held in a country, the country gets a lot of tourism and mediaworks. So for an example : In Rio de janior the summer olympics are being held. So people are building hotels and resturants so when the tourism people come they can book rooms and have takeaway and the owners of the hotels and resturants will become richer. It’s like when the rugby world cup is being held in new zealand, then new zealand has alot of tourism.

The Olympic games have changed over time because there are more events then back then. Nowadays, women are allowed to compete in the Olympics, unlike in the ancient times where only men were. Back then the Olympic games were only held in Greece, but nowadays the Olympics are held all over the world. In the ancient Olympics games were based on sporting excellence. For an example, the games back then were about running, jumping, wrestling, javelen throwing and disc throwing.  

I can’t wait till the Olympic games. And I hope new zealand comes first with the gold medal. And I hope Valarie Adam win gold medal in shot put. I also can’t wait to watch my favourite sports in the olympic games. My favourite games in the olympic games are : Gymnastics and Fencing. So and I’m so excited to watch those sports. In this explanation writing, I have explained how the Olympics came to be.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Worded Fraction Problems

WALT : use our knowledge of fractions to solve word problems.

Our WALT for this week is to use our knowledge of fractions to solve word problems. In the presentation above, our task was to highlight the important parts of the questions to helps us solve the problem. In the first question, I had to highlight the important parts of the question in order to solve the problem. So what I did was : highlight the important parts, then  did twelve times four equals forty eight times three equals one hundred and forty four.


Why do our muscles get tired ?