Friday, 29 May 2015

Sport Day Research

Walt : Research and work collaboratively

This presentation is about Sports day.It has different kinds of Sports.
And my sport that the researched about is Hockey and if your looking for it.
Form the title page it is the first slide.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Problem Solving

Winter Report

Walt: write a news style report

B Beware Pt England Winter is Coming
Byline : Tuesday 26 May 2015 Alisha Pt England School

This Report is about Winter and tips on how to get to School on rainy days. It is the ending of may, which also means that Autumn is almost over and Winter will start in a couple days.

Winter is a mix of Rain, Wind and some thunderstorms. Unfortunately When Winter hits Auckland it has a mix of Wind, Rain and a few Thunderstorms.

This is bad news for Pt England Students, Because most Students in the School walk to School. They are affected because, they get caught in the rain and don’t want to come to school the next day.

It is very important to come to School because you’ll won’t learn anything.
Inez a chrome user in Room 6 at Pt England School said “ A warm breakfast got to her to School early before it started to Rain.”

 After the discussion with my class. We used the template and Google presentation to write our report on the approaching of the Winter season. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Using Word Classes

WALT:  We are learning how identify different word classes using pictures


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Report about : Roddy Learns a Lesson

WALT : I am Learning to improve my writing skills
Roddy learns a lesson !
Byline : Thursday 14 May 2015
A Rhino named Roddy, is a bully. Because Roddy thought being horrible to everyone was funny.He lived in a town named Smithville.He loved to stomp about and annoy his classmates.He liked to grab lauren and lucy who are two of Roddy s’ classmate s’ skipping rope and tangle it up in one of the trees in the park.One day at lunchtime Roddy’s classmate’s teached him a lesson.By having a fake birthday, And snatching Roddy’s ball. Which teached him a lesson.  

Report About : How come kiwis can't fly ?

WALT : I am learning how to improve my writing.
How come kiwis can't fly ?
Byline : Saturday 16 May 2015 !6.5.2015

A Kiwi named kapai.Who wants to learn how to fly. He lives in Queenstown.He learned how to fly by bungy jumping off a bridge.Because he wanted to know why kiwis couldn’t fly.

Report About : Who's been eating my honey

WALT : I am learning to improve my writing.
Who’s been eating my honey ?  
byline :  Friday 15 May 2015
A bear who’s been going around asking his friends who’s been eating his honey. Because the bear forgot that he ate his honey and thought his friends ate it. He walked, And lived in the forest where all his friends lived.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Christchurch Interview

Welcome back everyone !
Today we will be interviewing someone.
His name is Liam. He is 11 year old.
And he live in New Zealand, Auckland.

What are your interests Liam ?
My Interests are Computer games, friends.

How would your life be affected by the Christchurch earthquake ?    
My life won’t be affected, because I have no family there. But I feel sorry for them. And I’ ll love to fun raise some money for them.   

How might an earthquake affect your life if one earthquake happened in your own city ?
My life would be affected. Because I won’t have any food, water. Also I won’t be able to play any computer games.

How would you react in an Earthquake ?
I ’ll drop, cover, hold on. Because I know how to react to an earthquake.  

Report about : The three little Pigs

Byline : Tuesday 12 May 2015.

Two pigs who  recently left their mothers’ home, have been murdered in their own homes. They have been murdered by a wolf in cartoon land. The wolf was reportedly so hungry  that he ate the first two little pigs. Their older brother attacked, survived, and managed to kill the Wolf.

Sadly the two little Pigs, have been killed in their own homes that they, built to protect themselves from the wolf, unfortunately they didn’t build their houses strong enough. And the wolf  managed to kill the pigs.

The third little pig luckily had more building experience and built his house out of bricks. The wolf came by the next day and asked if he could come in. But the third pig was smart and didn’t let the wolf in. Then the wolf tried to blow the house down. Then tried coming down the chimney and fall straight into a pot of boiling  water on the stove. And no one has seen the wolf ever seen.

Why did you name your pigs little pigs ?  
Well when I had them they were little and I had a hard time naming them. So that’s why I named them the three little pigs.

How do you feel about two of your pigs dead ?
It’s awful, it’s just awful. And at the same time I'm happy because one of my pig has survived and is alive.

Who does it feel being a Mother of a successful pig ? 
It feels so amazing.And so sad that my other pigs have died.


Monday, 11 May 2015

Report about : Our Trip to Morrinsville

Byline : 10 May Sunday 2015

On Sunday 10 of May 2015.Which was Mothers’ day. Me and my family went to Morrinsville. We took food and snack, along with entertainment for us. We went to Morrinsville. A little town near hamilton. We went to Morrinsville to enjoy Mothers day. Also so to have a picnic in the park. We got there in our family car. Which actually my mum drives.
Here is a Photo of Me next to a cow in morrinsville :

Friday, 8 May 2015

Interview with Terry : about Nepal Earthquake

Interview with Terry
WALT : find proof of the authors message.

Today we have a guest on the show. Hi Everyone !
So He is a young boy, his name is Terry. I think is about 10 or 11 years old.
He is like addicted to his Computer playing games.
So let’s welcome terry Everybody !

“ So terry, What are your feelings and thoughts about the Nepal earthquake. “ Will I saw it on TV and I feel sorry for them. But on the other hand I have no family in Nepal.  

“ So What if an Earthquake hits your city. What would be your reaction ? “
I will be so worried because I won’t be able to play any computer games. So I won’t be so happy.

“Next Question What would you do to help Nepal ? “
“ I won’t be able to do lots of things, Because I'm a kid. But I might be able to get my teacher to do a bake sale, fun raise for Nepal.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Destructive Fox

WALT : How to Manipulating Sentence Structures for more effect.


1. The destructive fox greedily chomps.
2. The Destructive fox greedily chomps.
3. Greedily chomps the destructive fox.
4. Chomps greedily the destructive fox.