Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Landfill Advice


WALT : Look beyond the text. 

Our Task was to create a reply to someone who has asked you for advice on your blog. We also needed to create a presentation in a way that looks like an advice column.We needed to read their problem carefully, make sure your understand all of what they are asking you.We had to offer them advice and information to the answer all of their problem.DO not leave anything out.The way the letter was sented to us and we had to answer the letter in the same from.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Chicken flavoured worms

Have  you  ever ate  Chicken  flavoured Worms ?              

Has your teacher ever fed you chicken flavoured worms. It was seemingly ordinary  day until Our literacy teacher Mr Goodwin walked in and started to talk about chicken flavoured worms. As far as anyone knew, they thought that our teacher went nuts !!  



by Heather 

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation. 

We had to follow the demonstration by our teacher. Our task is to write an introduction that is both interesting  and attention grabbing to your reader, as well informative to the direction of our writing.And We had to the use  a rubric to score a buddy.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Omaru Creek


Walt : to learning more about our Community

Our Task was to create a presentation.About the creek near our School.
We had to explain and show to our readers :
What's the name of our creek ?
Some Photo's from Google maps
3 simple facts about the creek
Why they should go and visit our creek

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Problem Solving - What Strategy Did You Use?

Walt: We are trying to solve problems with different strategy.


Our task was to try solving problem and to try think of different strategy.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kakapo - Fun Facts

Fun Facts 


Walt: look beyond the text.
What kind of food do kakapo like to eat ?

What are kakapo ? 

kakapo are a kind of parrot - but they're very different from other parrots. For starters, Kakapo don't fly.They're also nocturnal, which means they go about their business during the night.The Word Kakapo is Maori for " Night parrot ".Some kakapo can live for ninety years, which is a very long time for a bird.In Fact, scientists think this makes kakapo the longest living bird in the world.But Although they can have long lives, kakapo are seriously endangered.There are less than ninety left. A Kakapo like to eat many food.Their favourite foods include berries ( especially berries from rimu trees ), fruit, nuts ( especially almonds ), seeds, leaves, tussock, grass, fern roots, and moss.Most kakapo also eat a special muesli made by Doc staff. Kakapo muesli contains flour and tapioca along with goodies such as almonds, manuka honey, and spirulina.

Life Cycle of the Kākāpō

A lot of things about the kākāpō are still unknown, especially how long they live for.
 Kākāpō live life in the slow lane. They do everything more slowly than most birds, and live, on average, for 58 years and potentially to almost 90! None of the kākāpō whose ages we do know have yet died of old age, even though most were discovered 15-30 years ago. In fact, it may not be known how long kākāpō live until some of the birds hatched during the Kākāpō Recovery programme die of old age. That might be several decades away.Everything in the kākāpō’s life-style happens slowly. Males do not start breeding until they are about four years old, while females do not start until they are at least six years old. Even then, breeding does not take place every year.Rather, it seems to be dependent on the availability of key food supplies, such as the fruiting of rimu trees, and will happen, on average, only every two to four years  

Here is a picture of a Kakapo : 

What did we learn ? 

Our Task on Tuesday was to write a new blog post, using the story.We had to Read the instructions carefully, and make sure we read the whole story in full, We also had to read the Questions and had to Complete the tasks in order.We needed to try to explain to the read : What is a kakapo What kind of food do kakapo like to eat What are kakapo like 3 interesting facts about a kakapo  Write an explanation about why it is important to help save and protect kakapos.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Duffy Theatre

The Duffy Show

WALT : Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of Writing
Did  you know that on Monday we had Duffy come to our school ? So what we did was line up straight after lunch. After we got lined  we sat in the school  hall and a lady played Simon says while the seniors were sitting and getting ready for the Duffy theatre . All the people were there  from years 4 to 8.

All of a sudden Duffy came  from the back door  and played his song. And then the the show started. One lady played a bunch of characters. Siana played ( the person that does not like to read) So one day after school on a rainy day Siana went to the library and found Duffy Duffy said “ hi Siana  I you here to buy a book Siana replied I don’t  know how to read  books. 2 days later Siana came to the same library and Duffy helped Siana read.

When Duffy teached Siana how to read Siana liked to read a lot but when Duffy asked Siana questions she was into television. After a wild Duffy asked Siana “do you want to have a library card”And that's when Siana’s mum came and said “Siana What are you doing here let’s go home and do the dishes” Siana said Duffy really want’s you to sign the library card. And Duffy said to Siana’s mum you like fishing I can give you a fishing book And Siana’s mum said OK i will sign the card. And every day she used to come to the library with her friend after school.

Did you know that the whole point about the people playing the Duffy show was to encourage the people to read. What if we did not know how to read we won’t even be saying English

What I thought about The Duffy show was it was quiet funny and helpful. all though  they do read.And I hope you enjoyed my Writing  

We had to write a recount  about the Duffy theatre we saw at school on Monday.We need to try to convince our readers that it was an interesting and great show, so that after reading our story they want to see it for themselves. We also had to think about how we are going to describe the Duffy theatre using interesting words.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What 's in the Bag ?

WALT: make predictions, list possible outcomes, assign possibilities to simple events using fractions


We learnt that the colour of the cubes aren't always what you think it is. We all worked in groups of two and went around asking people to draw a cube. A few people peeked into the bag to see what was in there.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Paua shells

WALT : Follow Instructions, and complete tasks to a high standard.

We are learning to follow instructions, and complete tasks to a high standard.Our tasks was to create a presentation with a white background without using themes.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Holiday Highlight

Have you ever been to Hamilton ? 

                 Walt : Follow the structure of a recount  to write about a holiday highlight

Well if you haven't been to Hamilton.Well your in for a treat.treat. I'm going to tell you a adventure of a life time.It all started on a lazy Sunday when my Dad was a sleep in the bed, me and sister and brother were all having breakfast at 9.30 am.Then after breakfast my Mum woke up so I made her some toast.Then she watched T.V.Afterwards My Mum went and looked out the window, then she saw a our cousin neighbor who was going to her garden.Then my Mum said to her " let's all go to Hamilton garden.Then my cousin neighbor said " yeah let's all go to the Hamilton garden, it will be fun with some family to come along. My Mum agree with my cousin neighbor.And then my mum said to me and my sisters " go ask your dad if we can go to the Hamilton garden".So then my little sister ate her breakfast and went, likewise asked my dad who was sleeping in his bed.After a minute my little  sister come back in a cry voice " Sorry He said No". Oh Sorry my Manners My little sister's name is Zaria and my other sister's name is Zaeeda, my mum's name is Sabina, my Brother's name is Abdul, my dad's name is khan.So then my second sister went and asked her dad, a few minutes after my second sister come and the answer still was the same.then I went and asked my dad then instead of he said yes.My Sisters were so happy that they went and danced on the sunny part of the ground, after a few minutes they jumped in pain. Me and my family went to Hamilton gardens.At the garden there was a lot of courd. When we got there, there was lots and lots of cars.The time when we got there was 5.05 pm, so we went in.As We went in We sanded there because we were waiting for my cousins to come.Then Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign.The sign  had words saying “ that the people who owned the garden are adding a maze ”.I went and told my Sister, and Who was sitting on the brick wall near me, As soon as she hear the message she went and told my mum.If you have not meet my mum she is as sweet and nice as a lollipop, her name is Sabina. And my sister begged my mum to come next week.Soon my cousins were so we entered the Wonderland garden were we saw the mad hatter having tea with the white bunny.At Hamilton garden the second garden was the kitchen garden had dishes, forks, spoons,knife.My Favorite part was when we went in to the Wonderland garden and we saw the mad hatter have tea with the white bunny. dear readers if you have never bean to Hamilton garden. I hope you have enjoyed my writing. 

We had to write a recount about one of your holiday highlight. We need to try to convince our readers that this was the best highlight of your holidays. We also had to think about how  we  are going to describe our holiday  highlight using intresting words.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My timetable


We are learning to tell time.So far we have learned about 
1. Am and Pm 
2. A quarter to & A quarter past. 
3. The Different hands 

So I'm go to explain them.First I'm go to explain am and pm. So Am means morning pm means night or afternoon.For an example, 8.00 am means eight 'o clock at morning.And 9.00 pm means nine o' clock at night.