Monday, 30 October 2017

Different Strategies to Solve Problems

WALT: Use Different strategies to solve maths problems
This week, we are learning to use different strategies to solve maths problems. In my opinion, by learning multiple strategies to solve maths problems and word problems, this will help us during the test. In the presentation above, I didn't find any hard problems but it did refresh my memory.           

Friday, 27 October 2017

Parts of a Orchestra

                                      For this Term, our term topic is Musical Madness. Our Term Focus Question is 'How do Composers use music to evoke an emotional response in a Audience ?'. This Week, we are researching information an parts of a orchestra. Instruments in a Orchestra are divided into specially sections where they perform. For an Example : The Violins are divided, Cellos are on the right outer side, and The First & Second Violins are on the left outer side.

Thursday, 26 October 2017


WALT: Making Inferences from a text
                                    This week, we are learning to make inferences from a text. Inferences means making a conclusion or assumption based upon using evidence, reasoning, or logic. My opinion on the text is that it was very amusing and sometimes tricky trying to make a inference, based only upon evidence from the text.

Division Strategy in Parts

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Extenstion Project Reflection

This term for our Extension Project, we had the opportunity to create projects with Makey Makey Kits. Joined by Zoey from OMG Tech, we were able to create these projects.

My Team and I created a Game show using Makey Makey. Fortunately for me, our game show didn’t just consist of just coding. Our Game show had the least amount of coding in all of our projects. It was mostly had create jobs in it such as, making the buzzers, cards for the host to read off and other jobs too.

My opinion of the projects is that it was really amusing creating the buzzers and experimenting with it. While making the buzzers, We used materials like : Playdough, Aluminium Tin foil, Wires and Paper.

Lessons I learned from this Project were :
  • Working Better as a Team
  • Letting our Imagination Free
  • Last but not least how to experiment and amuse yourself.

Qualities of a Good Role Model

Qualities of a Good Role Model
A Good Role Model, a person who represents as an example for others to follow. Role Models can sometimes become people who characterise themselves in good principals and respect. Let me explain to you the amazing qualities of a good role model. Good Role Models are shown throughout history.  

A spectacular female role model through history was Kate Shepard. This outstanding Lady was recognised as the leader of the fight, for New Zealand women to have the right to vote. She won the fight and alongside achieving women the right to vote in New Zealand, therefore shows great girl power and is a great role model for women and young girls.

A Good Role Model is a person who is respectful, encouraging, confident, positive, calm and funny. Being a Good Role Model isn’t an easy job, there is a lot of responsibility and sometimes pressure accompanied by the status. While being a good role model, teachers sometimes depend on you to be an example. For an example: Imagine that you’re in class during a lesson, the Teacher uses you as an example.

Another fact about being a good role model is selflessly helping someone else. Selflessly helping someone means helping someone else without thinking about yourself first. Nowadays, only a distinctive amount of the public can help people selflessly.

But the most important quality of a good role model is that they must be someone who can be modesty and openness to admit to their mistakes. Only a few people can be modest and willing to admit that they made a mistake.

In my opinion, I think that a Good Role Model needs to be someone who makes mistakes. Because by making mistakes, the person can learn from them and advise others from not making the same.

In this explanation, I have explained the qualities of a Good Role Model. Just a reminder, a Good role model needs to be someone who has good principals and respectful.Now that you know about the qualities of a Good Role Model, please feel free to take the time and identify some Good Role Models in your life.

Multiplicaton Strategy in Parts

It's approximately nearly testing week and in order to prepare, everyone in their maths class are practising their problem solving strategy. In this week's presentation, we are learning to use strategy Multiplication in parts with larger numbers. My opinion on this task are that it was a great way of refreshing our minds on this strategy.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Niue Language Week !!

Did you know it’s Niuean Language Week? To celebrate this special occasion, the Niuean Students and Teachers of Point England School had prepared a performance for Assembly this Friday. 

The Theme for Niue Language week is ‘Ko e Vagahau Niue ko e Atefua he Tagata Niue’ which means ‘The Niue Language is the Heart of Niue People’. 

By making an inference, I think by saying ‘The Niue Language is the Heart of Niue People’ it might mean being able to speak your mother tongue is special and should be treasured. 

Nowadays many Old & Young people can’t speak their mother tongue. For your information (FYI), Mother's tongue means the language you knew when you were born. 

An interesting fact about New Zealand is that New Zealand is a multi cultural country, meaning you get the amazing opportunity of learning about other languages and cultures. 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Decimals & Whole Numbers Word Problems

WALT: Solve addition problems by changing one decimal into a whole number

This week is the first week back from the holidays. This week, we are learning to solve addition problems by changing one decimal into a whole number. When we are using this strategy, One Number gets bigger and the other gets smaller. Anyway, this presentation was easily completed. After fully accomplishing the presentation, I think my skills on this strategy have improved and my understanding has become much more transparent.

An Unordinary Immersion Assembly !

Personally, I think the most Interesting Immersion Assembly topic was Team Four. Oh, So Sorry for interrupting, I was just thinking which team had the most interesting topic. Anyway, as Traditions must always be continued, It is practically a tradition at Point England School to have an Immersion Assembly at the Start of each New Term. 

You might be wondering what Team Four's topic is going to be for this term. Well to simply put it, the Team Four Teachers had prepared a video which had them in a car listening to different genres of songs. Each Genre of Song had the teachers moving in different ways. After watching the video, I was left pondering and debating whether or not the video is similar to Celebrity Carpooling with Jimmy Fallon. Whether or not, you realize it is entirely up to you but I think so. 

Another unusual Immersion Assembly topic was Team Three. This term, Team Three will be learning how to tell a Story through Music. Team Three as well, had prepared a video, which starred the Teachers saying words which were related to songs. It's a bit difficult to example what they were doing but they had the range of songs, that we could recognize.

And of course, What would I be learning about? Well this Term, Team Five are learning about how do composers use music to evoke an emotional response in an audience. In my opinion, I think this term topic might be fun but serious at sometimes. And I have a shocking discovery, I am actually intrigued by the term topic. Well, for now, I would just have to wait and see how this term will play out.