Friday, 27 May 2016

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Egypt Airlines had a "Ghost flight"

Egypt Airlines had a "Ghost flight"
An Air Egypt plane has gone missing while it was travelling from Paris to Cairo. The flight had 66 people on board, which were 56 passengers with 10 crew members.

EgyptAir is the flag carrier airline of Egypt. The airline is based at Cairo International Airport. The Air Egypt plane was founded on 7th June 1932, which was 83 years ago as Misr Airlines. It commenced in July 1933.

The Airline was a regularly scheduled flight that stopped at John .F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City. Unfortunately on the 31st of October 1999, the Boeing 767 operating the route and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Which was about 60 miles south of the Nantucket Islands, Massachusetts. The Plane crash killed all 217 Passengers on board the plane.

Egypt's state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram published on Tuesday a Scan of the log on its website. The paper said " EgyptAir flight MS 804 transmitted 11 electronic messages starting at 21.09 GMT on 18 May, about three and a half hours before disappearing from radar screens with 56 passengers and 10 crew on board".

The first two messages showed that the engines were functional. The third message came at 00.26 GMT on 19 May and showed a rise in the temperature of the co-pilot's window. The plane kept transmitting messages for the next three minutes before vanishing, Al-Ahram said.

Good Advice for anyone travelling overseas is that hopefully you reach your destination without any trouble and return home safely without any trouble.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Problem Solving Term 2 Week 4

Walt : equally share items into groups to make fractions 

I've gotcha yBack

I’ve gotcha yo Back !!

Here are a list of ways to Make Kindness to Viral :
1. Helping a Homeless Man/Women/ Child
You can help a homeless Man, Women or Child by giving them $20.00 or $ 10.00.
2. Giving them Encouragement or Support
Like when there’s someone sad or needs some support or encouragement, you can like Support them, and Encouragement them.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art

Today for inquiry, we did a rotation. So we basically went clockwise around the classes. So we started off in our home rooms, then after morning tea we rotated around. So Room 1 went to Room 5 and did sketching. And Room 2 went to do Wool and Nail Art. I was in a group with Olivia, Venetia. So We took turns hammering the nails in, and after that we choosed a coloured string. Then after, I did the pattern, and then afterwards everyone saw each others pattern. And me, Olivia and Venetia had the coolest Pattern.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Hatter's Gold

Walt: Predicting: I make, confirm and refine predictions before, during and after reading

This week in Miss Clark’s Literacy class, The Louis Sachar's are learning Predicting : I make, confirm, and refine predictions before, during and after reading. So our task was to read the first paragraph of the text, then we had to write what we predict this story will be about. This meant that we had to read the first paragraph as said, and then write your prediction about this will be about. My Prediction was that I was predicting that Laurie wouldn’t have had a dead man’s boots. But he does because the Coal miners went on strike, but if the strike hadn’t gone ahead Laurie’s Mum could have afforded to buy him new boots.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

iLuminate Recount

Last week on Tuesday in the Hall, the iluminate dance crew came and performed for us. The entire school was there and it was held after lunch in the Hall. iLuminate is a group of dancers who actually perform in the dark, so it’s kinda like a Glow in the Dark performance.

I didn’t really know why they came and performed for us but I heard that one person from the group said they came and performed for us because we were the coolest school in Auckland. The iLuminate dance group came from the United States.

After Lunch everyone meet in the street, then we headed towards the Hall. When we got there it was surprising that we were sitting on the ground, Due to that Mrs Tele’a had already told us that we were sitting on the ground that day. After a while of waiting soon the lights started to  turn off, and the performance began.

Unfortunately in the middle of their performance my shoes started to go on and off, due to that my shoes are Light ups. So the Led lights inside turn on and off when I move my feet. It‘s kinda like the iLuminate dancers Suite, but instead of being computer programmed, and being a suite, it’s turns on when I move my feet, and it’s not a suite.

After the iLuminate had done their performance was done. Then, our school Kapa Haka group performed for them. And soon after we got to ask them Questions e.g. , what inspired them to dance, and where do they come from. After the rest of the school were gone back to class, a couple of year 7 & 8 got to ask them a few questions.

After that we started to head back to class, when we were starting to head back, one of my friends Heather, came and said “ Alisha, you should have joined in the Dance” and I was like “No way, it’s my shoes that have Led light s not my uniform” and we burst out giggling.

I thought iLuminate was pretty cool, and their performance was amazing. And I thought it was a little funny when they tired to do the Haka. I thought is was really cool that they thought that our school was the coolest school in Auckland.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Problem Solving Term 2 Week 2

WALT: solve subtraction problems with tenths by changing the second number into a whole number

This week in Miss Berry's Maths Class,  the Pentagon group, are learning to solve subtraction problems with tenths by changing the second number into a whole number. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

New Prefect

New Prefect
Last Friday at Assembly, George Puepuemai became one of the year 8 Prefects for 2016. George Puepuemai is a Student at Point England School who recently became a Prefect last Friday. George was selected out of a lot of year eights. It was unanimous choice due to, when Mrs Nua asked each teacher out of the year 7 & 8 block they all had chosen George.  

What was moving and special about this assembly presentation was that it was so supportive and encouraging of George’s family to come and support him when he became a Prefect. You could definitely see the happiness in each and everyone of his family’s face. It was so totally supportive of his family. As each of his family members came up and gave him Hugs and Kisses they also gave him presents like $20 dollars, a flower lei, Chocolate, and a few other things.

I think the way Puepuemai family’s support encouraged me to “Make Kindness Go Viral” by being respectful to the teachers, Being kind to my friends and family, and also being and giving 100% every single day, and many other ways of ‘Making Kindness Go Viral’.

I think PES students will take or learn that we should always Make Kindness Go Viral by being 100% everyday. You can also make kindness go viral in many other ways too.I think I can list 2 ways I can help to “ Make Kindness Go Viral “ in my PES home class. I found out that you can make kindness go viral by cleaning up the classroom when your teacher asked you too.

Hakaraia the Warrior Peacemaker

WALT: Evaluate the text

This week in Miss Clark's Literacy class, the Louis Sachars were reading about Hakaraia the Warrior Peacemaker. In the presentation above, the Louis Sachars and JK Rowling's had to answer questions from the text. Once we had finished our questions, we had to do the design and create part of it. The Design and Create part was to design and create a monument to help us remember Hakaraia. We needed to state where it would be located e.g. outside Auckland Museum or in a particular/relevant town to Hakaraia. Our Monuments needed to represent Hakaraia for an example it may have a cross on it because he was a strong believer in God. We could design and create a statue, image, or cloak. We needed to write a few sentences to support our monuments or statue. After that, we had to read the extension text and answer them too.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Giving the Ocean a Voice

Walt : make inferences about what the author isn't telling us

In Miss Clark's Literacy class, one of her groups the Louis Sachars were learning about finding. In the presentation above, the Louis Sachars had to answer questions from the text. Once we had finished the questions, we had to do the create part of it, which was to find an image of a voyaging canoe insert it into a Google Drawing and label each of the parts. We need to state how each individual part helps the canoes buoyancy and ability for it to go fast. After that, we had to read the extension text and answer them too.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Problem Solving Week 1 Term 2

 WALT: solve addition problems with tenths by changing one number into a whole number

It's our first week back for the school holidays ! This week in Miss Berry's Maths class, we learned about solving addition problems with tenths by changing one number into a whole number. In this presentation above, we had to show our working out in the notes, which is located below the slide, unfortunately when you post the presentation it doesn't show. Anyway, on the yellow slide I did the first one like this : 2.5 + 3.9 = 6.4 : 2.5 - 0.1 = 2.4, 3.9 + 0.1 = 0.4, 2.4 + 0.4 = 6.4. So that's how we had to do it. I hope you like my blogpost. Please comment below, if you have any feedback or comments :)

Fun Year 7 Week Reflection

Fun Year 7 Week Reflection

The Last week of school was fun which was only the year 7. Because the year 8's went to camp. So the last three days of school in term 1 was pretty cool, but the Year 7’s were with Ms Muliamaseali and Ms Clark.

On the first day of the Fun week, we watched a movie called Boys2Men and ate caramel popcorn, the movie was filmed by Ms Muliamaseali. The movie was filmed at a school called James Cook high school. The movie was based on a Malanga, a 15 year old kid who comes from Samoa. He ran away from his home when we was 9 years and lives on the streets with Johno. After 6 years he lives with a social worker Lucky and his family. So far, he went to James Cook high school with Lucky.

On the second day of the Fun week, we started making the flower lei. On the last day of the term which was the last day of the Fun week, the cooking team made pasta, mince, cheese.

On the Last day of the Fun week, we started to finish off the flower leis, and tidy up the street and classes. The cooking group started to make pasta, mince and cheese. I was in the cooking group along with Heather, Aysha, Loimo Lee, Moroni, Hendrix and Wesley.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly
As we walked into the Hall as blast of music spread around. The song was called All I know is Art. This Term’s theme is called “ as i see it “. It was about art, colours and how everyone has a different perspective of Art.

Term 1 was learning about ‘ My Favourite Things’. In Team one was about each Teacher's favourite things. It started with Mrs George. Mrs George's favourite things are Hokey Pokey from Whitaker's.  Miss Peck’s favourite things are Pandora’s Jewellery. Mrs Wild’s favourite things are her pet Chihuahua, named Joey.  

Team 2 was learning about ‘ Seasons’. Each class in Team 2 will look be looking at all 4 seasons, however Miss Eadie will be studying in depth the winter season. They will be creating a master piece to display in our Art show at the end of Term. Here’s a link to Team 2 ‘s Movie : Team Two Movie.

What a great Immersion Assembly ! Team 3 are looking forward to featuring Art and Geometry this term as they study design and architecture. Here’s a link to Team 3’s Movie : Team Three Movie.

Team 4 are looking at the artwork that is specifically used in the creation of comic art. They will be creating our own comic book art both digitally and on paper. The teachers of Team four decided to make their own comic book using photos. Here’s a link to Team 4’s Movie : Team Four Movie.

Team 5, which is our team are focusing on all about the four waka. Mrs Tele'a was Hene Moana (which is Blue), Mrs Garden was Hokule'a (which is Green), Mrs Sadler (which is Hikianalia), Miss Berry (which is Te Aurere). During Team 5's item, Te Aurere, Hokule'a, Hikianalia and Hene Moana had a Race. During the Race, Te Aurere and Hikianalia were the last two in the race. And Hene Moana and Hokule'a were head to head, soon Hokule'a beat Hene Moana both headed towards the finish line. But unfortunately, Hokule'a came first.

My favourite Team’s movie was Team 4’s movie.It was called the ‘ The Teacher Avengers’. The Characters were Evil Bear Baxendine, (who was the bad guy and steals Bobby john's Chromebook), Two Amateur Heroes (who spot the crime and try to save the day), Wondering Women (who was apart of the Teacher Avengers, who was also played by Miss Lavakula), Bat Guy (who was also apart of the Teacher Avengers, and was played by Mr Goodwin. He also did the voice recording for the movie.), Team Leader America (who was the leader of the Teacher Avengers, who was played by Mr Somerville).