Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My super amazing Superpower

Walt : Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.
If I had one ultra amazing superpower, it would be super sonic speed. Super sonic speed is a superpower, that makes super faster then you normally are.It ‘s a awesome power for doing chorus, overdue homework, and for contributing to sports.

Super Sonic speed I think would feel really comfy.You're just jogging, but you're actually moving agile.For an example if you're running you feel like you're jogging but you don’t know that you're moving 1000x faster than the Usain bolt.  

I would use my powers for my personally amusement.For people who don’t know what personally amusement means.It means that I'm going to use it for doing chorus, overdue homework and for contributing in sports.

Having this super power would be a dream come true !
Because I don’t have lots of time .And I have a lot of chorus on top of that, I've got a few things and I've got to finish my homework.Like my Maths work, my literacy work and Maths whizz, and Xtra maths.

In this task we were had to create our own doc.We sat and wrote in silence, and wrote about having our very own super power.My superpower is Super sonic speed.We were only allowed to write about one superpower.
We wrote about focused on one paragraph at a time, we also used a timer.

In the Middle of writing paragraphs, we stopped and came back to the mat. And we focused on someone 's writing, we helped fixed their writing.We learned to write paragraphs using juicy and exciting words. We used thesaurus and to help us find juicy and exciting words.Like instead of using super some of us used ultra.

This Rubric was marked by Sulieti. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

My Whakapapa

This is my Whakapapa. A Whakapapa is the core of traditional Maori knowledge. Whakapapa means genealogy.Other Maori terms for genealogy are kawai and tatai. In this task we were asked to find, out more about ourself. As you can see in this presentation, I found out what my grandma 's name, and my mum's. Also I found out where I come form.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Mario World Writing

Walt : Write effective paragraphs

Hi there everyone !
Today I will be talking to you about Super Mario World. Super Mario World is a Side Scroller game, and is available on any type of computer.

The Aim of the game is to get past all the levels.
But there are evil  little creatures, who will try to stop you. On the way to the next level, if you spot a yellow mystery box. You can gain it by simply jumping under it.If you loses a life you will start over again.

Mario is a little Italian man, who wears a red hat with a white ‘M’ on it. He also wears a blue denim jump suit with a bright red t shirt inside. With it he wears a pair of milky white gloves and chocolate brown shoes. His skills are that he can jump, run and get bigger every time he eats a mushroom.

In this game you use the Arrow, and the space bar, to move right ,left, and to jump.My advice on this game is to be careful when you move and jump.Because you might land or move to a place, where you might lose a life.

My thoughts on this game are is that the game is fun and it is at the same time challenging. I would recommend it a 10 out of 10,  I would recommend the game to kids the age 5 to 15.And I like the game because it ‘s a classic game it’s a fun.

In this task We wrote about, Super Mario World.But before we did, we played the game.
 Using the template and the presentation given by, our teacher we wrote about the game.
We were stopped at certain times by our teacher, and were asked to share.
In this writing task, our literacy class learned how to write effective paragraphs. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Similes Activity


This Presentation is about Similes.
Our tasks was to describe things by making a comparison we use a simile.Using 'like' or 'as' indicates this comparison.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

All about Snakes and Ladders

Snakes & Ladders
I was just about to make my move on the board. Oh no ! I'm going to land on a snake. My wicked sister has just defeated me and I have losted. Snakes and Ladders is me and my sister ‘s  second favourite game.

Snakes and ladders is an ancient, Indian board game regarded nowadays it is known as a worldwide classic. You can play the game with multiple players.

The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the end by moving across the board from square one to the final square. Most boards wrap back and forth, so you move left to right across first row then move up to the second and move right to left, and so on.

In Snakes and Ladders there are four different coloured counters and a dice. The game will go on for 15 - 40 minutes. Playing Snakes and Ladders is really fun. Because I've played the game and it is really hilarious.

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