Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Immersion Assembly - Term 4 2016 !!!

On Monday 10th October 2016, Pt England School had their first Immersion Assembly to kick off the new term. It began at nine ‘o'clock sharp and was held at their school hall. As everyone entered the school hall, at the front of the hall were the associate principal and principal Mr Burt and Mrs Nua.

As they stood there, they had aprons on and it looked as if they had been cooking. Laid out in front of them, on two tables were cooking utensils and ingredients. By the looks of ingredients, they might have been making pancakes or Corn fritters. When everyone was settled and the hall was  quiet enough, they began their Immersion Assembly. The two of them were making corn fritters and had them served out as everyone watched each of the items, from five teams that were to follow.

Team 1’s item was about matter, physical and chemical changes. As the teachers made their way towards the stage, they were all dressed very  oddly. They wore black capes, with pointy witch hats and they all had broomsticks. When they arrived onstage, they started to dance around a small pretend cauldron. As they did, one or two of them stopped and throw things at the audience, making the little kids at the front try catching them. After they performed, they played their movie.

Next up was Team 2, they had created a movie on buoyancy. During their movie they threw objects into a swimming pool to see if they will sink, or float. The first object thrown in was a canned food, which actually sunk. The second object thrown in was a tennis ball, which floated. The third object was actually Miss Eddie’s Son, he actually floated.  

Continuing on, next up was Team 3. Team 3’s teachers had conducted mini experiments throughout their movie. One of the experiments starred Miss Scanlan, a team three teacher. Her experiment was called the tie dye milk. This experiment might be familiar to you as a different name, because this experiment has many different names. This experiment as you might know, involves you needing : a small shallow bowl of some sort, Dish washing detergent, a kebab stick or cotton bud, and milk. For the milk, you can use half or whole it’s up to you.

First she poured the milk into the shallow bowl, then she added food colouring. For this part she had chosen three colours instead of four, Red, Blue and green. As she did she instructed us to drip the colours everywhere in the bowl to get the ultimate effect. Last of all was the washing up liquid, and she dropped in right in the middle. As the washing liquid it the surface of the milk, the colours were pushed to the side and they bounced back. This experiment was a Physical Change, because there was a change in the appearance and colour.

Now it’s time for Team 4 and they presented their movie. Team 4’s movie was based on Busting myths. They’re movie was starring : Mr Sommerville, Mr Goodwin and the rest of Team 4’s teachers. They’re first myth was : Without Coffee in the morning Mr Goodwin can’t stay awake. And they proved the myth true, it was true Mr Goodwin can’t stay awake without coffee. The next myth was : Staring at a screen will give you square eyes. And that myth was busted, it wasn’t true that staring at a screen wouldn’t give you square eyes.

Finally it’s Team 5’s turn, this term team 5 is learning about Matter, and States of Matter. Matter is all around us, it is what things are made up of. States of Matter are Solids, Liquids and Gases. Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom was one of the characters onstage and was played by Mr Wiseman, one of team 5’s teachers. The other character onstage was Slave and was played by Mrs IIaoa, one of the Team 5’s teachers. And the rest of the teachers were to be the victim or in other words test subject.

Their live performance involved all of the teacher of team 5. Their live performance involved : Ice, Water balloons and Pepsi soda - PS : Ask an adult before trying these experiment at home. Anyway, The first experiment conducted involved the water balloons and Mrs Tele’a. Soon she was ordered to sit on the chair as Slave popped the two water balloons over her head. The whole school bursted out laughing, and slowly stopped. The next experiment was held on Miss Berry, and the involved the Pepsi Soda. As Slave was ordered by Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom to shake the soda cans well. Miss Berry excitedly took the lab glasses and put them on, Slave came over and opened the can. The can opened with a tick and looked like a gusher has just exploded in Miss Berry’s face. The last experiment involved ice, Miss Clark tensely walked up to Slave. Slave grabbed her blocks of ice and poured it down Miss Clark’s Back. She slowly began to move as the ice made it’s way down her back, but part way down got suck in her t-shirt.  

I think the most exciting team’s item was Team 5’s live performance. Because it was really funny and exciting watching it. Plus it was really funny to see how the teachers looked.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

States of Matter

States of matter
Work on this Doc together with a partner or in a 3.

Give three examples of each state of matter?
Extremely Close
Far apart
Rock Hard
Free running

What’s the difference between the three states of matter?
Solids are hard and compressed and it’s mostly steel, Plastic, wood and Concrete, Rock.
Liquids are very runny and it’s mostly water and stuff that are runny like water.
Gases are invisible and you can walk through it, feeling nothing.

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you learned from this reading.
From this reading task, I learnt that everything around us is made out of matter. And everything that is made of matter is anything, that has mass and takes up space. I also learnt more about Solids, Liquids and Gases and the difference between them. The Difference between them is : Solids are hard and compressed, because their atoms are very close.Liquids are very runny and close together, because their atoms are close together. And Gases are like steam because their atoms are further apart.

As you have might not known our topic for this term is ch ch ch ch Changes. Meaning we're looking at Science, like : chemical reactions, Physical reactions and Solids, Liquids and Gases get the picture? So for Literacy we're looking at States of Matter, we focused on Solids, Liquids and Gases which are all states of Matter. It was really interesting learning about State of Matter.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Algebra - Term 4 Week 1


This week in Miss Berry's class for Maths, we're focusing on Algebra. Our WALT on this task was to understand and work out variables. Variables means changeable which means able to be changed or adapted. In our presentations we had to read the problem and write an algebraic expression to help us work out the answer. My thoughts on this task are that I thought is was hard at first but as I started working through this task it became easier.