Friday, 28 July 2017

Immersion Assembly Term 3!!

Immersion Assembly
It’s the beginning of a new term and the topic for this term is “Guardians of the Galaxy”. This term,  We will be focusing on Earth and Beyond, meaning the planets, Constellations and much more.  

As per every new term,  Our school started off the Immersion Assembly with a cool performance. But from my personal opinion,  I have to say it has got to be the best beginning of Immersion Assembly by far.

Team One teachers were the first to present what they were going to be learning about. They presented a video which had teachers getting into cars and flying off to places. Team One will be learning about the Sun and Moon, and how they rotate around the earth.

After Team One presented what they were going to be doing this term, it was Team Two’s turn. Team Two’s focus for this term was kind of hard to tell because they presented a video with our the Team Two Teachers singing. But what I do know is that they will be going on a trip to Stardome.

Team Three also presented a video, they’re video was presented by Mrs King. They’re video was a bit funny with all the different facials and reactions. The Video was made up of different times, like 8:00, 3:40pm. It began with Mr Moran called Mrs King about what they were going to be doing for Immersion Assembly.

After Team Three presented they’re video,  it was Team four’s turn. Team four’s video was presented by Mr Somerville and it was based on Different planets. It had a group of kids pretending to be mission control, and they were sending teachers to different planets in space.

Last but not least was Team five with they’re live performance. To be honest, I always like Team 5’s live performances because they’re different from the rest and always are attention catching and Intriguing.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Novel Study - Going Solo

 This Novel Study is from a couple of weeks ago. This week is finish off all work week, which occurs when it is nearly the end of the term week. The finish off all work week is a week when I finish off all my work from previous weeks. Anyway this Novel Study was a task for two weeks and the Bunnies group were the people completing it.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Introduction to Probability

 For the past two weeks Ms Tapuke's Maths class were introduced to Probability. As you might be able to tell, I didn't attend Maths Class for the two weeks. But today I finally go to start week 9 and 10 work. So anyway, Probability means the chances of something happening for an example : In mathematics it means the probability of an event to occur. Some word we also learned that is used in Probability are : Impossible, Unlikely, Likely, Possible and Certain.