Monday, 27 March 2017

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

 This week for Maths, we are focusing on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. In the Presentation above, we had to complete a series of different worded problems. Some questions were fractions, decimals and percentages. Since I'm new to percentages, I thought they were a bit difficult but I'm sure I'll soon get the hand of it. The Fractions and Decimals were pretty easy, since I'm familiar with them.

Friday, 24 March 2017

A Special Place - Explanation

A Special Place - Explanation
Before Editing -

Point England School, have you ever heard it ? If you didn’t it is located in
Glen Innes, Auckland NZ. Search it on Google Maps, I’m sure you’ll find it. Anyway, I’m here today to explain why this place is special to my community.

Why is this ordinary school so special ? Well let me tell you it isn’t like many other schools. Here at Point England, we learn on chromebooks, ipads and imacs as an everyday bases. In other words, we are a Cyber Smart school. You might have not known, but we are one of many schools in a programme called Manaiakalani.

What is Manaiakalani ? Manaiakalani is a group of schools, who have special people helping them get netbooks and chromebooks. Our school was one of the first schools to get chromebooks. Chromebooks have been around our school for a very long time now. It first began in 2010 in Room 20, just last year was our school’s chromebook anniversary. And the year thirteens who were in that class had an reunion at there old school.

There are also many other things that make our school special. One thing that makes our school special is that we get our own reserve. Our School has been built right next to Point England Reserve, and every year we have an whole school pinic. Next week on friday, we’re having our school pinic there.

Last but not least, here at Point England we’re grateful for many things, not just chromebooks, ipad, imacs but many advantages. We’re so grateful for having fruit in Schools, Milk in Schools and an amazing advantage of many amazing teachers who come everyday to teach amazing students.

Why I think Point England is Special, I think my school is special because we get the opportunity to learn on chromebooks instead of pencils and books.
And we’re so lucky to get seven working imacs in each classroom with 3 ipads in a classroom.  And with a intermediate school as well as an primary school combined.

Come along to our wonderful School, and I promise you, that you’ll love it here.

After Editing

A place that is special to our community is Point England School. It is located in Glen Innes, Auckland New Zealand. Point England School is special because of many reasons and will be explain throughout this explanation.

Point England School might seem like an ordinary school but it isn’t. At Point England School, the students learn on chromebooks, ipads and imacs on an everyday bases. In other words, they are are a Cyber Smart School. Point England is one of the many schools involved with Manaiakalani.

Manaiakalani is a group of schools, who have important people helping them get chromebooks. This school was one of the first schools to get chromebooks. Chromebooks have been are their school for a very long time, it first began in 2010 in Room 20.

At Point England, they are grateful for many things, not just chromebooks, ipads and imacs but for many other advantages. They are grateful for having fruit in Schools, Milk in Schools and an huge advantage of many amazing teachers, who come each and everyday to teach extraordinary students.

Point England is a special place in the Glen Innes community because many of the people there, are ex students. Point England is a well off school and they get the opportunity to learn on chromebooks instead of pencils and books. And we’re so lucky to get seven working imacs in each classrooms alongside three ipads.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Extentison : Mixed Decimals Problems

 This week, we are focusing on mixed decimals problems. This presentation is extra for experts meaning if you have completed the first presentation you can complete the extra for experts.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Add & Subtract Decimals

  This week, we are focusing on adding and subtracting decimals. In this presentation we were introducing to golden rule. I already knew golden rule and have completed this presentation. Which also is the reasons for why I think this was a very easy task.

Simple and Compound Sentences

 Last week, we were given a writing task. Our task was about Simple and Compound Sentences. My thoughts about this presentation are, I think this presentation was interesting but the only problem was that it was hard to think of a person to writing in.

Plan : Why people borrow books from the library ?

Friday, 17 March 2017



Yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER !  Have you heard of polyfest ? I have never been to polyfest but yesterday was my first time. It was a day to remember.

The ASB Polyfest contains traditional culture dance, music, costumes and speech. It is now well recognise as an important showcase of New Zealand different cultures and a celebration of New Zealand.

My favourite highlight of the day, was when we were at the Niu FM stage. Well we were there, they were playing the lunch time competitions. It was really fun because as we arrived we started dancing. We threw our gear on the ground and started dancing. They played songs like, three houses down : Love and Affection, Juju on dat beat, Moana : We Know the way and many other songs that I don’t know the name of.

As a student, Polyfest is important to me because it’s a great opportunity to experience. Polyfest has a lot of culture importance. And I think every student should get the opportunity to preform.

Fortunately, Polyfest lasts for 3 days which are : Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So if you didn’t get to go on Thursday, go along on Friday or Saturday.  

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Novel Study


Last week, we had started a Novel Study which lasted for 2 weeks. This has been my second novel study. I think Novel Studies are pretty interesting, because you get the opportunity to research the book and have enough time to fully understand the book. I think young readers should definitely have a go at reading this book because it's really interesting and funny. So I 100% think children should read this.

Novel Study - Analyse Task

2. Research background information about the author and explain how their life experiences may have affected the way they wrote this story.

Novel Study - Analyse Task

1.Use a Venn Diagram to compare a Character from this Book with a Character from another book you have read recently. 


In this Google Drawing above, I have created a Venn Diagram. This diagram displays the differences and similarities between both books. 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Water Crisis in Auckland

As you might have not known (or known), This term I am part of Te Taiao o Tamaki Quad Blogging.In this blogging activity, we have to create at least one blog post every week to share information about our Te Taiao o Tamaki learning focus. This event is quiet similar to the summer learning journey, we will be awarded points.

This week's post is about Auckland's water crisis, our task was to make a copy of this presentation from Mrs Tele'a's reading group. Her group is called 'Aoraki' and since they are the highest literacy group, we had to read the same text as them. It was established on the water crisis that has occurred in Auckland. I have learnt quiet a bit about this event and have established quiet a lot of information on this particular topic.d

Monday, 13 March 2017

Organising Whole Numbers and Decimals

 Our Task, this week is to complete this presentation by the end of the week. In this presentation we have to put the whole numbers and decimal numbers in order. On the slide that has the fishermen/women, the person who caught the biggest fish was Jason Sealey with the length of 83 from Cape Karikari.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Myths and Legends about the Sea

This Friday in Inquiry, we are looking at Myths and Legends about the Sea. A Myth is a story based on tradition or legend, which has a deep symbolic meaning. A Legend usually involves a heroic characters or fantastic places. Legends often contain the spiritual belief of the culture in which originate.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Clue Cards / Introduction to Decimals

 This week in Maths, we were introducing to decimals. As per usually, we had to answer questions but this time after doing that we have to make four Clue Cards (Which I have). Our Task was to use four cards to make up a four digit number.

After we had done that part, we had to give the clue cards to a buddy and ask them to work out the number.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why people borrow books from the Library ?

Do you know the reasons why people borrow books from the library ? Today I shall be explaining why people borrow books from the library.

By borrowing books from libraries, it helps you with your writing and reading. Because when you read books it improves your reading, but along the way of improving your reading it also does the same to your writing. Because you find or in other words pick up on new and different categories of writing techniques.

Borrowing books from local libraries has tons of advantages. It’s eco-friendly and free. Owning a library card doesn’t cost you can money but you do have to pay if you don’t return the book on time.  

By borrowing books instead of getting your own copy, there will be a lot of more reading and trees around. People borrow books from the library because it fills their brains with more knowledge.

People borrow books from the library because you can read as many books as you please without having to spend a single penny or dollar.

Another reason why people intend to borrow books from libraries because there is a wide range of books to select from.

I highly recommend borrowing books from libraries because, it’s inexpensive and is Eco-friendly. So these above are the reasons why we should all borrow books from libraries.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Hooray ! Tomorrow is the Year 7 & 8 Extension group trip, we will be going to be watching a movie called Hidden Figure. Although, I have no prior knowledge on this movie, but have researched to gain some. I believe it's a great more and am really looking forward to tomorrow.

The prior knowledge I have now gained : This Movie is a 2016 Biographical Film. It is about a trio of African American Women doing maths wonders for NASA. They also served as the brains behind one of NASA's greatest operations in history. The noble trio have crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations that they to can dream big as well.

I would like to give a special thanks to Mr Vogt's Sister who thought this movie was great and sent money for us to be able to watch the movie. SO A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU !

Introduction to Decimal

Monday, 6 March 2017

My Mihi - Visual Mihi

Te Taiao o Tamaki - River Talks

 Last week, we had a river talk at Omaru Creek. At the event, we had different types of people talk to us about problems that concern our rivers. The River talks programme is about asking the audience to confront the reality of dying and polluted rivers. River Talks task or in other words mission is to help stop pollution and rubbish being dumped in our rivers.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Place Value 2

 This week, we learnt about writing numbers in word form. I learnt how to properly pronounce the number. I also learnt how to spell the numerals properly.

Populations of Places in NZ

Walt : Identify Place Value of Numbers up to 1,000,000
This week in Miss Tapuke's Maths class, we are looking at Place Value of numbers up to 1,000,00. So in the presentations we are given, we have to read numbers and write them out in words.