Wednesday, 18 May 2016

iLuminate Recount

Last week on Tuesday in the Hall, the iluminate dance crew came and performed for us. The entire school was there and it was held after lunch in the Hall. iLuminate is a group of dancers who actually perform in the dark, so it’s kinda like a Glow in the Dark performance.

I didn’t really know why they came and performed for us but I heard that one person from the group said they came and performed for us because we were the coolest school in Auckland. The iLuminate dance group came from the United States.

After Lunch everyone meet in the street, then we headed towards the Hall. When we got there it was surprising that we were sitting on the ground, Due to that Mrs Tele’a had already told us that we were sitting on the ground that day. After a while of waiting soon the lights started to  turn off, and the performance began.

Unfortunately in the middle of their performance my shoes started to go on and off, due to that my shoes are Light ups. So the Led lights inside turn on and off when I move my feet. It‘s kinda like the iLuminate dancers Suite, but instead of being computer programmed, and being a suite, it’s turns on when I move my feet, and it’s not a suite.

After the iLuminate had done their performance was done. Then, our school Kapa Haka group performed for them. And soon after we got to ask them Questions e.g. , what inspired them to dance, and where do they come from. After the rest of the school were gone back to class, a couple of year 7 & 8 got to ask them a few questions.

After that we started to head back to class, when we were starting to head back, one of my friends Heather, came and said “ Alisha, you should have joined in the Dance” and I was like “No way, it’s my shoes that have Led light s not my uniform” and we burst out giggling.

I thought iLuminate was pretty cool, and their performance was amazing. And I thought it was a little funny when they tired to do the Haka. I thought is was really cool that they thought that our school was the coolest school in Auckland.

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