Monday, 2 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly
As we walked into the Hall as blast of music spread around. The song was called All I know is Art. This Term’s theme is called “ as i see it “. It was about art, colours and how everyone has a different perspective of Art.

Term 1 was learning about ‘ My Favourite Things’. In Team one was about each Teacher's favourite things. It started with Mrs George. Mrs George's favourite things are Hokey Pokey from Whitaker's.  Miss Peck’s favourite things are Pandora’s Jewellery. Mrs Wild’s favourite things are her pet Chihuahua, named Joey.  

Team 2 was learning about ‘ Seasons’. Each class in Team 2 will look be looking at all 4 seasons, however Miss Eadie will be studying in depth the winter season. They will be creating a master piece to display in our Art show at the end of Term. Here’s a link to Team 2 ‘s Movie : Team Two Movie.

What a great Immersion Assembly ! Team 3 are looking forward to featuring Art and Geometry this term as they study design and architecture. Here’s a link to Team 3’s Movie : Team Three Movie.

Team 4 are looking at the artwork that is specifically used in the creation of comic art. They will be creating our own comic book art both digitally and on paper. The teachers of Team four decided to make their own comic book using photos. Here’s a link to Team 4’s Movie : Team Four Movie.

Team 5, which is our team are focusing on all about the four waka. Mrs Tele'a was Hene Moana (which is Blue), Mrs Garden was Hokule'a (which is Green), Mrs Sadler (which is Hikianalia), Miss Berry (which is Te Aurere). During Team 5's item, Te Aurere, Hokule'a, Hikianalia and Hene Moana had a Race. During the Race, Te Aurere and Hikianalia were the last two in the race. And Hene Moana and Hokule'a were head to head, soon Hokule'a beat Hene Moana both headed towards the finish line. But unfortunately, Hokule'a came first.

My favourite Team’s movie was Team 4’s movie.It was called the ‘ The Teacher Avengers’. The Characters were Evil Bear Baxendine, (who was the bad guy and steals Bobby john's Chromebook), Two Amateur Heroes (who spot the crime and try to save the day), Wondering Women (who was apart of the Teacher Avengers, who was also played by Miss Lavakula), Bat Guy (who was also apart of the Teacher Avengers, and was played by Mr Goodwin. He also did the voice recording for the movie.), Team Leader America (who was the leader of the Teacher Avengers, who was played by Mr Somerville).  


  1. Wow Alisha. Mr Burt and I are grateful to you!

    You have given us THE best overview of what we missed at immersion assembly.

    Thank you so much. Reading your blog is better than reading a newspaper to keep us with Pt England events.

    Please keep updating so we don't miss out on the fun at school.

    Mrs Burt

    PS I wonder if you can tell from your visitors list where we are today?

  2. Hey Alisha
    Your Blog is just fantastic. I felt like I was really there. Sounds like the Team 4 movie was a real hoot. Can't wait to watch it! You keep up the excellent writing Alisha.
    Well done YOU
    Mr Burt


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