Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Fun Year 7 Week Reflection

Fun Year 7 Week Reflection

The Last week of school was fun which was only the year 7. Because the year 8's went to camp. So the last three days of school in term 1 was pretty cool, but the Year 7’s were with Ms Muliamaseali and Ms Clark.

On the first day of the Fun week, we watched a movie called Boys2Men and ate caramel popcorn, the movie was filmed by Ms Muliamaseali. The movie was filmed at a school called James Cook high school. The movie was based on a Malanga, a 15 year old kid who comes from Samoa. He ran away from his home when we was 9 years and lives on the streets with Johno. After 6 years he lives with a social worker Lucky and his family. So far, he went to James Cook high school with Lucky.

On the second day of the Fun week, we started making the flower lei. On the last day of the term which was the last day of the Fun week, the cooking team made pasta, mince, cheese.

On the Last day of the Fun week, we started to finish off the flower leis, and tidy up the street and classes. The cooking group started to make pasta, mince and cheese. I was in the cooking group along with Heather, Aysha, Loimo Lee, Moroni, Hendrix and Wesley.

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