Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Trade & Enterprise Fair

Have you heard of the Team 4 Trade fair ?
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This term our Inquiry was titled ‘Trade & Enterprise’. Our learning was focused on Trade & Enterprise. We had the chance to order other groups products.Our mission was to produce a product and then get customers to order it. If you want to find out more, then keep reading and I’ll tell you.

A Trade & Enterprise fair is when you have a business group, and you have created a product, and it’s ready to produce to the customers. At our very own team 4 Trade & Enterprise fair we had seven different groups. But admittedly I picked the jewellery & accessories.

We had a lot of different groups like, Custom stationery, Home ware, Kitchen, Toys and jewellery & accessories. I was in jewellery & accessories, I was also business partners with Heather and Lahval. We had a couple of unique ideas, we decided  going to create cool jewellery with loom band.  

My Experience at the Trade & Enterprise Fair, was really unique and busy. To my group’s surprise, twenty one groups came to our booth. After the Trade & Enterprise Fair, me and my group were really proud of ourself.Because we really were confident that a lot of people were going to come to our booth. And I really thought it was a successful Trade & Enterprise Fair.

Me and my two partners are really busy now that we are having a second fair. And we also have twenty one orders to fill. If you liked this post then, you’ll have to check out my post about the second Trade & Enterprise Fair.But although I liked the first Trade & Enterprise fair. But I really imagine what the second one in week eight is going to be like. Hopefully it’s going to be successful like the first one was like.

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