Friday, 7 August 2015

National Scout Scarf Day

Hi Everyone !

Today is National Scout Scarf day.It’s the 2nd annual National Scout scarf day for New Zealand.Did you know that National Scouts have over 400 groups in New Zealand.

Every year they help 16,000 young people in New Zealand enjoy new adventures, to experiences the outdoors, interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Working alongside our youth members are thousands of adults volunteers, with a huge variety of roles and opportunities available.

There are four keys cornstones in the scouts movements, which are all realised through an outdoors experiences including, outdoors, community, personal development and new experiences.

There is no other organisation quite like scouts in New Zealand.The Programmes that we offer cater to the boys and girls development in the physial, emotinal, spiritual and mental aspects of their lives in an appropriately safe environment where they are encouraged to be themselves, working together and thrive.For more information and to find a Scout group near you, go to or call SCOUTS. And Hope you enjoyed National Scout Scarf Day.
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