Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Twin Princess

BY : Alisha Khan
Once a upon a time, in a far far far away land there once lived a kingdom.The Kingdom's name was Argentina. It was a weird name, but it was a beautiful Kingdom. In the kingdom there was a King and Queen, But there was one problem the King and Queen had no children. Whenever the King and Queen went to a royal ball all the other Kings and Queen laughed at them because they had no children.On a stormy night the Queen was very stick, then so there was a ding dong form the door, so the King went to see who it was. When he returned he had two babies in his hands.When the Queen saw she fainted, after a minute or two the Queen woke up and she said What happened and then the King said Two babies and When the Queen heard two Babies she jumped up and said where are they and the King said right here and then the Queen saw the two baby. She took a good look at the Babys first and she said they are twins., and the King was overjoyed to hear that. The King and Queen had a little dance. When the King looked at them, He said they're baby girls.Afterwards the King and Queen, had a party to celebrate. Everyone in the village was invited. At the Party they also named their Daughters.The baby girls ‘s names were Down and Eve. One of the baby girls were name Down because she had yellow hair like her Father the King. On the other hand the other baby girls’ name was Eve because she had the hair as dark as her Mother the Queen.Afterwards Down and Eve went to bed and then all the fairies from the kingdom came and got to put a good spell on the twin sleeping princess.but then the Evil fairy Bloom came out of nowhere and cast an evil spell on the twin sleeping princess. Then she vanished into a gust of wind.The Evil Spell the Bloom casted on the two princess was that the two princess could never ever sing because if they do they will sleep for a thousand years and the only thing to not make the princess  sleeping for a thousand years was a fascinating diamond flower that was the only thing..Year after year day after day the twin princess grown older and so it was 21th of January, which means it was twin princess birthday. Down the younger one said lets go horse ride and Eve the older one said no lets go play hide and seek, but none of them could decide what they should do then suddenly the King and Queen spoke and they said why don’t you both go flower picking and we could have your birthday outdoors, And they all agreed. So off the two princess went to the royal garden and picked a flowers and then Suddenly Eve saw something sparkly in the sun then she talked Down and both princess walked slowly over to where the sparkingly was coming from.As they walked slowly over Down started to ask Eve, what is it and Eve said maybe it’s a priceless jewellery., and soon they were stranded in front of the fascinating diamond flower that would save them, for a thousand years. At that moment the twin princess were really eager to go home, so they ran back home and to the throne room where they meet their parents.The King was sitting on his throne and the Queen was sitting on her throne knitting a scarf for winter. Then the Queen saw what was in the princess hand, and she said where did you get that flower ? And then princess Eve said I found it in the royal garden. The Queen told the King and they immediately called, all the good fairies in the kingdom to come immediately to the Castle.Then soon the throne room was filled with fairies. Then the King asked all the fairies what to do with the fascinating diamond flower.And then one of the fairies put their hand up and said you have to make it in to a perfume and sprinkle it on the princess.So the king told the royal perfume maker to make the fascinating diamond flower.The next day the royal perfume maker came back with the perfume and sprinkled it on the twin princess. After that day fore the Royal family lived happily ever after.

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