Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Immersion Assembly

Walt: use different types of sentences to improve writing

Have you ever seen teacher’s in their pyjamas onesies in the Morning ? Because this morning team two teachers were in their pyjamas this   morning. It was a funny morning at Pt England school Assembly first day of term two, there was team two teachers’ dressed in their winnie the pooh onesies pyjamas.  

Classes seven six and eight lined up, like it was a normal assembly,
But they were wrong. At the front of the hall there was a table with marshmallow, biscuits and it had more stuff on it but I forgot what they were. By the table was Mrs Garden, Mrs Nua, Mr Jacobson and Mr Burt. They all were making mini s’more pancakes. When we sat down I saw a weird, small helicopter flying around.

P1 :

Team one’s room’s were twenty seven, twenty six, twenty five, twenty four, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and sixteen. Soon it was team one’s turn.And they got ready to perform. It started with a short movie. After a  short while the movie was finished and the teachers started to act. It begun with Miss Berry in her payjamas sitting on the stage next to a pile of boxes and a ladder. Their acted was about Miss Berry getting a new house not for really.

P2 :

Team two’s room s’ were  fifteen, thirteen and fourteen, team two’s rooms are all year three classes. After team one’s turn, it was team two ‘s turn to go on stage. Their act started with Mrs George talking on the microphone. The act they did had healthy snacks like, Carrot sticks, mini triangle sandwich. After they gave out healthy snacks Mrs George said “ Who like’s going to the dental clinic here“ and some children put their hands up. Then she said “ NO ! We want to get rid of the dental clinic “ and then after a few seconds they were finished.  

P3 :

Team three ‘s rooms were Eleven and twelve. Which were all year three and four. Team three’s act was about there kids that actually were teachers who were bored, and it was raining outside. Soon later two minions came and the kids started to have fun. They started to have fun by playing games like, trying to throw a ball into a few boxes, playing bowling and  flying paper planes.

P4 :

Team four ‘s rooms were Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. I'm a room 6 so that means I'm in that team.Our acted was a movie, It was kind of like a video game. The main characters’ in it was Mr Somerville, Mrs Jacobson, Mr Baxensine, Mrs lavakula. But the main character was Mr Somerville, who was dressed as a superhero. In the video game Mr Somerville was jumping over blocks, ducking and smacking his enemy’s like, fish woman and a few others. But at the End fish woman won.

P5 :

After three more teams it was Mr Barks’ turn.His act had a hovercraft involved in it. Before He begun he asked Mr Somerville to be his helper.Because Mr Somerville was dressed as a superhero. It was pretty funny seeing a teacher dressed as a superhero, on a stage flying on a homemade hovercraft. But before the hovercraft could hover, it looked like a big wheel that had a minions face on the front face. First they had to attach a leaf blower.


I liked Immersion Assembly because it was full of excitement and laughter. I like this term ‘s theme and What my class it focusing on. This term ‘s theme or topic is  : Tinkering Tools and Toys. I think it’s cool tinkering with tools and toys, because we get to spend lots of time learning about tools and toys.


 You have now written an introduction for your recount, and need to finish the recount off.  In each of your paragraphs try to make your paragraphs interesting by using different types of sentences. Use the sentences example doc to help you write different kinds of sentences.

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