Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Review a Game

Review a Game : 

Name of the Game : 
Fire boy and Water girl Forest temple 

How do you score or win : 
Use the keyboard  to move Fire boy and Water girl through the maze, on the way through the maze you have to collect diamonds on their way through the maze to the exit. Since fire and water don't mix. Be sure to not let fire boy go in the water lakes and don't let Water girl go in the fire lakes.And Keep them both out of the green lakes.  

Here is a link to the Game : Link
Difficulty : 10 / 10 
Fun : 7 / 10 
Description :  
I like Fire boy and Water girl because it's entrusting.Also you get to collect diamonds and go up levels. 
This game is a two player game because you need a buddy to control the other player. 

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