Thursday, 30 April 2015

New technology in Room 6

New Technology just introduced in Room 6
Walt : Write a lead paragraph of a news report

        Thursday 30th April Reported by : Alisha Khan Room 6

In New Zealand, at Pt England School Room 6. When Matt Goodwin the teacher of room 6 literacy introduced a New technology for Computer games. It was introduced by Mr Goodwin and Room 6 student at literacy time in the Morning. It was a Normal literacy time, When Mr Goodwin was putting pieces together, as he was putting the pieces together he was calling out what they where. He created a control using fruit, makey makey kit. The Reason why he  did it was because 

the term topic was : Tinkering tools and toys.

Task : We will be learning to write in a report style writing. Our task today was to write a lead paragraph for a news article based on what our teacher did in class with a Makey Makey kit.We will be learning about the Main Elements of a news article as well as the goals of a news article.

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