Monday, 17 March 2014

School camp Fun

School Camp Fun 1.1.04 - Part 1
Pages 2-4
WALT: - Understand the story as it is read. - Use the text to search for answers.

1. What are some of the things Siobhan needs to take? togs and a towel, a sleeping bag, warm clothes, a mug, a  plate, and a spoon.  

2. Why do you think that plenty of Mums and Dads need to help? so  they  have  plenty of  Mums  and  Dads  to   help  put  the   tents.

3.  Where do you think they have their camp? at   school.

4. What do you think ‘foursies’ means? It  means  that  she  can  skip  to  the  fourth  monkey   bar.

5. Why does Siobhan's Dad get changed after the swim? because  her   dad  got   splashed, and it  looks  as  if  he  went  for  a   swim   in   his  clothes.

Early Finishers: In tux paint draw a picture of either: the tents being put up OR the kids having a swim.
Post this photo to your blog with a few sentences telling your readers what has happened so far.

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    I really liked the way you told me about what happend during camp.



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