Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life Cycle of a frog

Do  want to  know  what  a  life cycle of a  frog  is  ? well you came to the right place.The four main  stage  of  the  a  frogs  life cycle is  the  tadpole, then  the  froglet, after  that  the  adult  frog stage.

A  Frog starts  life as  a  small  egg  Frogs  lay  their  eggs all  under  water. Once the frog is lays  all  it’s  eggs  stick together  with  really  sticky  jelly.The  jelly  protect  them  from  enemies  all  around.And  that  is  called  spawn.The  reason  why  they  go  after  them  they  are  the, most easiest  target  to  eat  in  the  water.As the weeks has  gone by the  little eggs starts to move all  around the  pond floor and  tries to get out of its’ little egg and  once  it  gets  out  of  the  eggs  it   becomes  a  tadpole.

Once  it  has  turned  into  a  tadpole it   start  swimming  and   the reason  how   they  can   swim   is   by  there really  long  tail  that  they  have  at  the  back of  them.   Most  importantly  I  am going  to  tell  you  you  how   they can  breath  under  water. How they  can  breath  under,  water  they  have  gills  just  like a  fish  so they can  breath under water. As  the  frog starts  growing  their  legs  starts  growing  as well. Once  they   have  their  Froglet   legs  and   arms  their  tail  starts to  go away  and  disappear.

Once they  have their  froglet  little  legs and they still have  their  little  tail, their  arms start  to growing  where  their   gilts  are.Once they have their  little   arms  their  tail starts to  go away and  disappear  and  once  the  tail  has  gone  some   little  poker   dots  appear  and it  is really  weird ?  Once  they   transformed it   is called  metamorphosis. They are  called   froglets. Then   when  it ‘s  been  twenty  or  thirty  days  then  the  froglet, will  turn  into  an   adult  frog.

Once they  have metamorphosis as in changed  they   finally  change into  their   adult  form and they  can  go  out  into   the,    wild   world  where   all  other  frogs  live. Once more they would    lay some more  eggs by the  time, it lays more eggs the life cycle of a frog will start all over again.
Do  you  know  the  four  main  stage  of  a  frogs  life  cycle ?

what  do you think the second  one  would be for  the life cycle of the frog ?
have  you  ever  heard  the  life  cycle  of  the  frog ?

did  you   know  that  tadpoles  tail  disappear ?

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