Wednesday, 12 March 2014

First day at camp

Hello again   and    here   I   am   going   to   tell   about   my    amazing   camp   experience, well  we   only  have  done   one   Active, but it was fun.Our  group s'  name  is  called  caring,and  Mr   burt  give  out   lesson  to   do   kayaking. it   was    really   funny   because  Me   and   lotu   got   stick, with  kayaking.Then  we  all  took  turn  at    kayaking,and  at   the   end   because  we   had   10  mintures  we   could   have   a   swim.It  was  fun  when  I   went   kayaking  with  my   parnther    dezarae.There  were  some   parnther  kayaks  and   some   kayaks  that  you  can  go   by  yourself. 

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