Friday, 7 March 2014

Nga Manawa

Nga Manawa 1.5.03
WALT: Use clues in text, along with prior knowledge to help comprehension.

1. What is the difference between seawater and freshwater? The  fresh  has  nothing in  it  and    the seawater has salt .
2. Why don’t nga manawa grow in the South Island of New Zealand?  It  is  too  cold  for  them  to grow.

3. Describe what a mangrove plant does to breath? Then  the  plants  seed  up tall  breathing  roots into   the  air so that  the  mangroves can  breathe  oxygen.

4. List 4 animals that like to live in mangrove forests? tuna,tio,patiki,and  tamure

5. Why else are mangrove plants useful? List 2 other reasons from pages 16 and 18.In  the  past, mangrove  forest  have  sometimes  been  drained  for  buliding  on  or  used  as  rubbish  dumps.The  mangrove  forest  is like  a  pataka. Many  kinds  of fish, shellfish, and  birds live and breed  there. In  the old days, Maori  and   gathered  fresh, delicious  food  from  the  mangrove forest.

6. How did the mangrove leaves help keep fish cool? When they  had  gathered  fish  from  the   mangrove  swamps,  our  tupuna  used  the  mangrove  leaves  to  the  fish  going  bad in  the  sun.

7. Why are nga manawa thought to be taonga? The  mangrove   forest   of  Aotearoa  have  been   taonga  since  ancient   times. Lets hope  they  will  still  be  here  to  protect   our  our coast  in  the   future.

Early finishers - Draw a picture of nga manawa using sumo paint and post to your blog.

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