Wednesday, 2 November 2016


This week is TESTING WEEK ! Testing week lasts two weeks, and is made of different types. At our school, we have our tests online, meaning that we use our Chromebooks. This week is the last week of testing. Last week, we had a reading star test, a writing test, and a NZCER test.

This morning we had an NZCER maths exam, which was held in our numeracy classes. When we have exams held in our numeracy classes, we set up our classrooms like American classrooms. If you don't know what a American class looks like, take a look :

If you want to have a great education or a great life, then you have to study and do well at all your test subjects before moving on with your life. If you do well in your test, then you can make it into a great university and have a job and a driving license.

  • No talking to the person next to you/Don't try cheating because that means that you're not trying your best at the test.

  • Try using these strategies to help you out when you have come across hard maths problems that you don't know how to solve?
  1. Process of Elimination - Means that you read the question and you try looking at all your options that you have. Then you can cross out each option that you think doesn't suit the question.

     2. Identify Key Words - You have to try and search for all the keywords that you have found in the         question and try understanding what it means.

3. Read Question 3 Times - This means that you have to try and read the question 3 times before answering the question

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