Friday, 4 November 2016

Scientific Methods and Fair testing.

Title - Coke Cola and Mentos Experiment
Purpose: What do you want to learn/find out?
Which fizzy drink has the biggest reaction to the mentos?

Hypothesis: Try to predict the answer to the problem. Another term for hypothesis is ‘educated guess’. This is usually stated like ” If I…(do something) then…(this will occur)
My hypothesis is the coke might have the biggest reaction to the mentos. Because the carbon dioxide in the drink wouldn’t have anywhere to go, except up.

Materials: List everything you will need to conduct your experiment.
Diet Coke

Experiment procedure: The fun part! Design a test or procedure to confirm or disprove your hypothesis. Write                      
1. First we stabbed a hole through the cap, and stuck some tap through the hole with mentos on it.

2.Then we opened the lid and pulled the tape, causing the mentos to fall into the liquid.

3. We stood away from the bottle and measured how high the liquid goes.               

Analysis/Data: Record what happened during the experiment.
Fanta : The fanta didn’t reacted with the mentos, it’s reaction was nothing.
Pepsi : The Pepsi had a little reaction with the mentos, it fizzed up a little.  
7up : The 7up had the least reaction with the mentos, because it was really fizzed and it overflowed.
Diet Coke : The diet coke had the least reaction with the mentos, it fizzed up only a tiny bit.
Coke : The coke had the biggest reaction with the mentos.
L&P : The L&P had the least reaction with the mentos.

Conclusion:Review the data and check to see if your hypothesis was correct.
My hypothesis was correct, because when the mentos touches the carbon dioxide in the drink the carbon dioxide doesn’t have anywhere to go except up, which causes the drink to over flow.


As you might have known, last week the team 5 girls conducted the coke cola and mentos experiment. This week in our home classes, we are looking at scientific methods and fair testing. 

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