Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Cross Country Lesson : Cross Country Narrative

As Sam ‘s cold feet touched the solid pavement and approached the starting line, Sam tried to ignore her stomach churning like a washing machine. Just standing there intently, Sam attempted to stop thinking negatively and try think positively. Sam took her place behind the starting line, and started scanning where to run. Every year 7 & 8 has to run two laps and every lap is 3 km, therefore stamina is helpful.

Sam’s plan for running the cross country was pretty simple. She would jog from the starting line to the black gate, where runners continue through running and power walk as she continue on through the gate. Second from the black gate and continue jogging. From there on, Sam decided that she would keep jogging at a steady pace.

Soon the race began and Sam started off at a slow pace trying to save her energy for later on. As Sam kept a steady pace, Jordan one of her friends caught up. As they both kept jogging they soon reached the black gate, and started to power walk just as planned.

As they both kept jogging, they almost got into crash ups. Crash ups are when you are running next to someone and you trip accidentally, as you go down you take down the other person who's beside you. As Sam was saying they jogged past people, we spoke encouraging comments, to support them and make them keep going.

Sam and her friend Jordan kept jogging, luckily they both were great long distance runners. As they kept running the finishing line was shortly in sight, and both of them started to speed up.  

Jordan and Sam both kept on jogging and passed several teachers, who shouted encouraging comments. Soon they had the finish line in sight and slowly picked up speed, finally they finished the starting line and started their second lap.

They continued on jogging and in a few minutes, both of them finished our second lap. As tired as a sloth, they finally finished their run. Sam was so puffed out, She didn’t have the strength to talk. Her thoughts on this cross country are, cross country wasn’t that bad. It was rather fun, exciting and exhausting all at the same time.

Sam who once didn’t like running the cross country, is now proud of herself for pushing herself to run the cross country. She learnt a very important lesson from this experience. And that lesson was to “Never give up and you’ll achieve your goals”.

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  1. Great stuff Alisha! I love the descriptive language you included in your narrative.

    Miss Clark


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