Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Silicon Valley Talk - Gabe & Saia

Today at 9:30 am, Two tamaki College students came and talked to the Year 7&8 Students. 2 months ago which was at the end of term 2, they came and talked to us about their all expense paid trip to San Francisco, California.
When they arrived here, they put on a mini movie about their trip. They got to visit the world’s top leading companies, such as : Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Kiwi Landing Pad, Stanford University, Khan Academy, Xero, Microsoft. They also got to visit the Alcatraz Prison.
They talked about their future plans and their favourite places. Saia 's future plans were to attend Uni in Arizona. And Gabe hadn’t thought about his future plans. Gabe’s favourite places were : Alcatraz, Khan Academy and others. Saia’s favourite places were : Stanford University, Facebook, and many others.  
At the ending of the talk, They’re advice and motivation for us was to stay in school, and always strive to succeed. They’re advice for us was to always set a goal for ourselves and to try and achieve that goal.

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