Thursday, 4 August 2016

Explanataion Writing : How the Olympic Games came to be ?

The Olympics are an international sporting games. At the Olympics, athletes from around the world compete against each other. From each country, only the top athletes compete. The Olympic games are held every four years. In this explanation writing, I will be explaining how the Olympics came to be.

Thousands of years ago what used to be as part of a religious festival dedicated to the greek gods, were the Olympics. The Olympic games continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius the first in 391 A.D announced that all such “Pagan Cults” be banned. Emperor Theodosius was a chirstian and abolished the games, because the Olympic games were dedicated to a pagan god and banned all pagan practices. In 15 hundred years later in 1896 the summer and winter Olympic games began.

This year the Olympic games are being held in Rio. Every four years a different country is chosen to held the Olympics. When the Olympics are held in a country, the country gets a lot of tourism and mediaworks. So for an example : In Rio de janior the summer olympics are being held. So people are building hotels and resturants so when the tourism people come they can book rooms and have takeaway and the owners of the hotels and resturants will become richer. It’s like when the rugby world cup is being held in new zealand, then new zealand has alot of tourism.

The Olympic games have changed over time because there are more events then back then. Nowadays, women are allowed to compete in the Olympics, unlike in the ancient times where only men were. Back then the Olympic games were only held in Greece, but nowadays the Olympics are held all over the world. In the ancient Olympics games were based on sporting excellence. For an example, the games back then were about running, jumping, wrestling, javelen throwing and disc throwing.  

I can’t wait till the Olympic games. And I hope new zealand comes first with the gold medal. And I hope Valarie Adam win gold medal in shot put. I also can’t wait to watch my favourite sports in the olympic games. My favourite games in the olympic games are : Gymnastics and Fencing. So and I’m so excited to watch those sports. In this explanation writing, I have explained how the Olympics came to be.

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