Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Mario World Writing

Walt : Write effective paragraphs

Hi there everyone !
Today I will be talking to you about Super Mario World. Super Mario World is a Side Scroller game, and is available on any type of computer.

The Aim of the game is to get past all the levels.
But there are evil  little creatures, who will try to stop you. On the way to the next level, if you spot a yellow mystery box. You can gain it by simply jumping under it.If you loses a life you will start over again.

Mario is a little Italian man, who wears a red hat with a white ‘M’ on it. He also wears a blue denim jump suit with a bright red t shirt inside. With it he wears a pair of milky white gloves and chocolate brown shoes. His skills are that he can jump, run and get bigger every time he eats a mushroom.

In this game you use the Arrow, and the space bar, to move right ,left, and to jump.My advice on this game is to be careful when you move and jump.Because you might land or move to a place, where you might lose a life.

My thoughts on this game are is that the game is fun and it is at the same time challenging. I would recommend it a 10 out of 10,  I would recommend the game to kids the age 5 to 15.And I like the game because it ‘s a classic game it’s a fun.

In this task We wrote about, Super Mario World.But before we did, we played the game.
 Using the template and the presentation given by, our teacher we wrote about the game.
We were stopped at certain times by our teacher, and were asked to share.
In this writing task, our literacy class learned how to write effective paragraphs. 

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