Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My super amazing Superpower

Walt : Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.
If I had one ultra amazing superpower, it would be super sonic speed. Super sonic speed is a superpower, that makes super faster then you normally are.It ‘s a awesome power for doing chorus, overdue homework, and for contributing to sports.

Super Sonic speed I think would feel really comfy.You're just jogging, but you're actually moving agile.For an example if you're running you feel like you're jogging but you don’t know that you're moving 1000x faster than the Usain bolt.  

I would use my powers for my personally amusement.For people who don’t know what personally amusement means.It means that I'm going to use it for doing chorus, overdue homework and for contributing in sports.

Having this super power would be a dream come true !
Because I don’t have lots of time .And I have a lot of chorus on top of that, I've got a few things and I've got to finish my homework.Like my Maths work, my literacy work and Maths whizz, and Xtra maths.

In this task we were had to create our own doc.We sat and wrote in silence, and wrote about having our very own super power.My superpower is Super sonic speed.We were only allowed to write about one superpower.
We wrote about focused on one paragraph at a time, we also used a timer.

In the Middle of writing paragraphs, we stopped and came back to the mat. And we focused on someone 's writing, we helped fixed their writing.We learned to write paragraphs using juicy and exciting words. We used thesaurus and to help us find juicy and exciting words.Like instead of using super some of us used ultra.

This Rubric was marked by Sulieti. 

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