Thursday, 14 May 2015

Report about : The three little Pigs

Byline : Tuesday 12 May 2015.

Two pigs who  recently left their mothers’ home, have been murdered in their own homes. They have been murdered by a wolf in cartoon land. The wolf was reportedly so hungry  that he ate the first two little pigs. Their older brother attacked, survived, and managed to kill the Wolf.

Sadly the two little Pigs, have been killed in their own homes that they, built to protect themselves from the wolf, unfortunately they didn’t build their houses strong enough. And the wolf  managed to kill the pigs.

The third little pig luckily had more building experience and built his house out of bricks. The wolf came by the next day and asked if he could come in. But the third pig was smart and didn’t let the wolf in. Then the wolf tried to blow the house down. Then tried coming down the chimney and fall straight into a pot of boiling  water on the stove. And no one has seen the wolf ever seen.

Why did you name your pigs little pigs ?  
Well when I had them they were little and I had a hard time naming them. So that’s why I named them the three little pigs.

How do you feel about two of your pigs dead ?
It’s awful, it’s just awful. And at the same time I'm happy because one of my pig has survived and is alive.

Who does it feel being a Mother of a successful pig ? 
It feels so amazing.And so sad that my other pigs have died.


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