Thursday, 14 May 2015

Christchurch Interview

Welcome back everyone !
Today we will be interviewing someone.
His name is Liam. He is 11 year old.
And he live in New Zealand, Auckland.

What are your interests Liam ?
My Interests are Computer games, friends.

How would your life be affected by the Christchurch earthquake ?    
My life won’t be affected, because I have no family there. But I feel sorry for them. And I’ ll love to fun raise some money for them.   

How might an earthquake affect your life if one earthquake happened in your own city ?
My life would be affected. Because I won’t have any food, water. Also I won’t be able to play any computer games.

How would you react in an Earthquake ?
I ’ll drop, cover, hold on. Because I know how to react to an earthquake.  

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