Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Year 5/6 Camp

Walt : Make connections across a wide range of texts.

Today I visited Gloria's blog. Gloria could pretty soon explode with excitement.
What Gloria was looking forward to the most was going to the lagoon. 
Swimming was one of the things Gloria liked to do, so that why Gloria was excited to go to he Lagoon.
Camp isn't as exciting as it sounds, Gloria was actually quite worried about the camp concert. Gloria was not really a fan of performing.Being a good Camp leader is what Gloria needed to be, taking care of her team and being responsible too. 

Guess What Camp is tomorrow !!! 
Gloria's blog post has made me extremely Excited. Now I total Excited.
Hi I'm Alisha and I 'll like to make a shout out to Gloria !!! 

Our task was using Google search find a blog post by an older student at pt England school about the year ⅚ camp. Then We had to Create a new blog post.We had to summarise the Authors thoughts about camp in their blog post.Our other task was to write the Authors thoughts in 1 paragraph.Then we had to link the authors blog post to your blog post, then we had to give a shout out to the Authors on our own blog. And last of all we had to leave a comment on the Authors blog.

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