Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Camp Recount

    Walt : Organise my ideas into paragraph and link them together.

Have you ever camped on a School field ?
Because the year 5 and 6s have camped at School. If you don’t know what camping on a school Field is then read on to find out. Read my next paragraph.

About Camp :
Camp is for three days.On the first and second day we have activities. On the last day we went  Mangere pools for the whole day and went home at three o'clock.On the first night we got to watch a funny and sad movie, it was mostly funny. Every year two days before camp the teachers let us know what groups we are in. Our Camp leader ‘s were : Zackariah and Yvonne. They are the ones who made our Chant.

Highlight One :  
My First favourite highlight was top town with Mr Jacobson. But Mr Jacobson said that it wasn’t called top town it was called killer Zone. In Killzone is was Cool because of all the miniature activity in it. My favourite part in it was when we had to fill the Water balloons and chuck them at the other team. When we went to fill the water ballons, Me, Ukura and Roimata went to the Girls’ toilets filled some of the  water balloons but in the water didn’t go in the balloon it went on Me and Ukura.

Highlight Two :
My  favourite highlight was :
Basketball. Basketball, Rollerblading and Table tennis were all held in the hall where we started camp. The First thing we did when we got there was pratice our performance for the Concert on thursday night. After praticing our performance we got to have fun. The First thing I did after pratice was table tennis. It was cool and fun.

Conclusion :
I can’t wait until next Camp. Cause it’s going to be totally Awesome. Some of the Activities that I’m looking forward to are Kayaking, Killzone, Get Lost, Cooking and Basketball.  

Our Instructions were to write a recount about your favourite experiences on camp. We had to write our introduction using these three sentence types : 1 Simple sentence, 1 Question and 1 complex sentence. Our 1st body paragraph had to tell our reader all about the detail of camp, then our 2nd and 3rd body paragraph had to be about on highlight per paragraph. Then Our Conclusion that sums up how you felt about camp.

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