Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Hoku le'a and hikianalia Powhiri

On Wednesday 25th of March, we were getting ready to go down to Pt England beach to see the 2 waka ‘s come. We had lined up and Mr Burt was praying then the little kids went and so on.

Soon our turn came and we went to the beach but the grass was wet, so we had to take the path. So we started to walk out of the hall and headed through the main gate towards the beach. While we were walking towards the beach I saw lots of other school come to the beach.

After walking for 4 minutes we arrived at the beach and went to sit down in our area. We sat on the wet grass waiting for two waka’s to come. But when we got there one, of the waka’s was already there. After a minute or two the other waka came so we standed up, then mini boat went out and the people on the waka got on the waka and came to shore.  

Afterwards all the schools from manaiakalani sang a few songs. My Favourite part was when the people form the waka sang there song. The people that came came out of the waka were Hawaii people.

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