Tuesday, 7 October 2014

We went to the hoyts

On Friday, Me and my family and also my Nana who has just came from fiji last week.Me and my whole Family went to the movies,we had some snack.It was really really fun because it was a comedy and Action.We watched a hindi movie, it was so funny the movie was called bang bang! We had fun, because it was so funny that we all had sore tummies from laughing.then in the film we had some popcorn,drinks,the drinks were cola alcoa and my nana had diet cola cola.Afterwards we had lollies and M&M.It was so Delicious.In the middle of the movie was the funny momments. The funny moments are when the man had keeped shooting the bad was really really funny and I said to my Nana "Everybody had  laughing fart".The Movie was about a named jai he stole a diamond called the royal.And there was a man who wanted the royal.And he wanted it he wanted a billion dollar diamond.In the End part of the movie it was so funny.Because they all jumped out of a plane that was on fire and then There was bad  man,then the man suddenly turned on fire.And for next time when we go to the movie that we would have our seats in line d and we would have our seats in the some line.We would have some ice cream and some drinks.

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  1. Dear Alisha I like your story about the moives


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