Monday, 13 October 2014

Holiday highlight

On Sunday,Me and my family and also my favorite Nana who just came from fiji last week.Me and my whole family went to the movies,we had some snacks.It was really really fun because it was a kids movie.We watchewd a english movie,it was so fun the movie was called Fire and rescue.We had a deliucious time.We also had some snacks like some popcorn,drinks,lollies and M&M.Including the drinks were cloa acola and my wonderful Nana who was sitting next to me and my sister had some diet cola. Afterwards we had lollies and M&M that was so delicious.In the Middle of the Movie there was a moment when dusty went to a training center,the center was a fire fighter training center where planes and helicopters go to become a firefighter and next to the center was a hotel and the hotel got on fire and they had to get what there.And then dusty and one helicopter fighted the fire but the fire got out of control and then they had to take cover in a old minded.And when they came out of the old minded the whole forest was burned up.Afterwards At the ending Dusty become a firefighter.Likewise For next time I’
m going to have fun.

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