Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Maths practices

Maths Practice

Week 1 Term 4

Answer these questions neatly in your book and SHOW working out!

1. Write these fractions in order of size, from smallest to biggest  ⅛ 2/4 ¼

2. What is the number for 139 groups of ten? 30

3. What number is one more than 239 999? 240000

4. What number is one less than 401 000? 400999
  1. Write a word problem that involves using multiplication or division.  Post this to your blog, and get a few classmates to solve it by leaving a comment.
1. How many tenths are in all of the number 6.41? 40

2. Which decimal is the biggest? 0.65

3. Which decimal is the smallest? 6.5

4. Which decimal is the
1. How many  tens are in 350?
2. What is the number for three groups of ten? 30

3. What is half of 50? 25

4. What number is one more than 799? 800   

I have 12 lollies and My friend heather has 12 lollies.What is the answer for 12 times 12 =
please answer the problem on my blog by leaving  a comment.


  1. Hi Alisha
    it 's me heather
    I know what 12 times 12 is. It is 144

  2. Hi Alisha its me Dezarae i think i will agree with Heather so the answer will be 144 thank you for commenting on my blog that was so kind of you to do that.


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