Friday, 12 September 2014

What is being Cyber Smart

Use my brain, use my heart, I'm going to be cybersmart

Use My brain, use my heart, I ‘m gonna be cybersmart! Have you ever heard this phrase before? Well at point england school we use this korero everyday. This korero is helpful because it helps us to be future focused learners.And it helps us to be successfully at school.

Use My brain
When you are online you should always be using your brain because then you will always be safe.For example if you received a nasty email or a  you would take a screenshot of it and tell a teacher or a parent.

Use My heart
Use My heart means When you make the right decisions.And you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so you use your heart and you make the right choices.For examples you are so mad that you want to hurt someone and you use your heart.

Whenever your friends goes onto the wrong site and they tell you to go on, you will have to make your decision to go on the website or remind your friend that the website they are on is not good for them. For example if you get a doggy email you always have to follow these steps.
if you get a nasty email alway follow these
steps :
1. take a screenshot

2. send the nasty or doggy email to a teacher or parent  

3.delete the nasty or doggy email.

4.Congratulations you are now a cybersmart person good job.

Cyber Smart means being cyber smart on the online. Cyber smart also means being on the right sites.If you in class and you are on free time and you go on a site and you think and say in your head  “ should  I be on this website ? “ and that what cyber smart means. For an example your in class and your friend says this website is cool you should go on it and you say no I am not going on this website because you're going to get in trouble. And that’s what being cyber smart means.

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