Friday, 19 September 2014

Key Competencies Explanation

Hi My name is Alisha and I’m here to tell you what they  exactly are.Have you ever heard of the key competencies? Thinking, managing self, participating and contributing, relating to others, using language symbols and texts? Well you are in lucky because I ‘m here to tell you.

Managing yourself  
It’s important to manage yourself in class so that you know what ‘s going on and you know what your class is learning.If you are managing yourself, your controlling yourself,if you are learning the making the right choices.For example you are on your netbook doing your learning, the friend next to you said “ you want to go on this website “ and you say I going to do my learning so I don’t get in trouble.

It’s very important to think about things in class or outside class, you always have to think about things.Thinking is very important to think because if you don’t think you’re not going to be successful at school.When you are online you should always be careful because you never know when someone is watching you.  
For an example in class you're stuck on a hard question then you need to really think hard if the question is to hard to answer then you should ask a teacher and think about what you are going to say to them.

Relating to others
Relating to others means showing respect, support and showing empathy towards others.Relating to others means showing respect to others and when an adult or teacher is talking, or is explaining something.For example relating to others means you are being kind and listening to other people when they have something to say. Relating to others is the same as Helping each other

Participating and contributing
Participating and contributing means when your class is playing a game and you are sitting out you would get up and join in the game, that’s what you call participating and contributing.For an example your in class and you have a friend who is not joining in the class for a game, and you go and you say “ why are you not joining the class for a game” and she says “ I don't feel like playing a game” and you say “ why ? “ and then you go and join the rest of the class and then your friend go ‘s and you and your class.

Now you know some key competencies, you can use the key competencies in your class and become a lifelong successful learner.

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  1. Hi Alisha that was a really long explanation and it was cool.Keep it up.From Mya


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