Monday, 9 June 2014

The Lightest Wood in the World?

The Lightest Wood in the World? 1.1.04
Entelea arborescens
WALT: Use the text to find information, and make inferences.

1. What does pruning mean? Pruning means to tidy up and clean up

2. Why does grandma want to save the seeds? because there aren't many whau trees left and to grow some more.

3. What did the boys notice about the wood? The boys noticed that the whau wood is probably the lightest wood in the world. because it is lighter than cork

4. Why do you think Daniel thought it was a good idea to make rafts from the whau? Because the whau wood is really light so they made rafts out of it.because it can float very well.

5. What was the difference between the brown whau branches and the green whau branches? The brown whau wood is much much more lighter than the green whau wood because the green whau wood is really really heavier than the brown whau wood.

6. Which raft do you think will float better and why? The brown whau wood raft is buoyant  because the brown whau wood raft can float and the green whau wood raft is heavier than the brown whau wood raft.

7. What observations did they make about putting the lemons on the rafts? Write what happened to each raft when the put lemons on top? The one made out of the pine sank when the lemons were add and the green raft floated but it floated a little bit below the surface. The dry whau wood raft held four lemons easily and floated high in the water.

Dry whau raft:
Green whau raft:
Pine raft:

. Tūāhua rāhui

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