Thursday, 26 June 2014


Panikiniki 3.2.91
Walt:Analyze and inference texts for deeper understanding.
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1.What does, ‘apple of my Papa’s eye’ mean? Why is phrase used? it means that if you love something so much that you say apple of my papa ‘s eye.

2. What is a spritsail?
The spritsail is a sail that is being blowed by the wind the looks like a spritsail.
3. Why do you think this boat is flat bottomed with high bows? Because the flat bottom helps the boat float.

4. Why would the wakana would be stronger than other wood? because the wood is sepcial so it is stonger, then other wood.

5. What are squalls? Why would this make it a good day for testing their boats?
spualls are heavy rain, thunderstorms and heavy snow.

6. Why did Papa tell the children to sit out on the outrigger?
because the full force of the wind struck them, lifting the outrigger  out of the water.

7. Why would he steer the boat windward?  Because they are going towards the wind direction the wind is coming from.

8. What would happen when he turned leeward?  that means that they are are going away from the wind direction.

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