Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Extenstion Project Reflection

This term for our Extension Project, we had the opportunity to create projects with Makey Makey Kits. Joined by Zoey from OMG Tech, we were able to create these projects.

My Team and I created a Game show using Makey Makey. Fortunately for me, our game show didn’t just consist of just coding. Our Game show had the least amount of coding in all of our projects. It was mostly had create jobs in it such as, making the buzzers, cards for the host to read off and other jobs too.

My opinion of the projects is that it was really amusing creating the buzzers and experimenting with it. While making the buzzers, We used materials like : Playdough, Aluminium Tin foil, Wires and Paper.

Lessons I learned from this Project were :
  • Working Better as a Team
  • Letting our Imagination Free
  • Last but not least how to experiment and amuse yourself.

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