Monday, 16 October 2017

An Unordinary Immersion Assembly !

Personally, I think the most Interesting Immersion Assembly topic was Team Four. Oh, So Sorry for interrupting, I was just thinking which team had the most interesting topic. Anyway, as Traditions must always be continued, It is practically a tradition at Point England School to have an Immersion Assembly at the Start of each New Term. 

You might be wondering what Team Four's topic is going to be for this term. Well to simply put it, the Team Four Teachers had prepared a video which had them in a car listening to different genres of songs. Each Genre of Song had the teachers moving in different ways. After watching the video, I was left pondering and debating whether or not the video is similar to Celebrity Carpooling with Jimmy Fallon. Whether or not, you realize it is entirely up to you but I think so. 

Another unusual Immersion Assembly topic was Team Three. This term, Team Three will be learning how to tell a Story through Music. Team Three as well, had prepared a video, which starred the Teachers saying words which were related to songs. It's a bit difficult to example what they were doing but they had the range of songs, that we could recognize.

And of course, What would I be learning about? Well this Term, Team Five are learning about how do composers use music to evoke an emotional response in an audience. In my opinion, I think this term topic might be fun but serious at sometimes. And I have a shocking discovery, I am actually intrigued by the term topic. Well, for now, I would just have to wait and see how this term will play out. 

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