Friday, 26 May 2017

Year 7/8 Fun day

Year 7 & 8 Fun Day 
The Year 8's left for camp and the Year 7's were left at School with the Year 8's who didn't go on Camp. The Year 7's were split into three different groups, these groups were the groups they were in for Tech Rotations. The Groups were called : Churries, Munchies and Fobalicious and the Year 8's were told to spread themselves into groups and help out.

On Wednesday :
 That morning, we got into our groups and were told to make a Team Chant. Unfortunately, I wasn't there for the morning rotations as normal for I was at Extension like every Wednesday morning.

On Thursday :
My group is Fobalicious, Our first rotation was with Mrs Judd and was Team Building. There were many activities : Building Marshallow and Spaghetti Structures, Cup Stacking.
(PS: This is just the main activities that I can remember)

On Friday :
Today is the last day of Activities and for camp, from Monday everything will go back to normal. This morning we played a couple of games, and after lunch we are told that we will be watching a movie and having a shared lunch.

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