Monday, 8 May 2017

In the Holidays ...

This school holidays I was told that I was going to be babysitting my sisters. The next morning, I woke up at 5:00am and had breakfast, then woke up my sisters.
My Mum got ready and headed to work, my little sister grabbed a blanket and went back to sleep. My slightly younger sister grabbed her tablet and started playing games.

I got bored, so I decided to watch a movie. I hopped on to YouTube and typed in Black Butler. My favourite part is when the butler said" Watashi wa shitsuji no 1tsu no jigokudesu ", when he said that in English it means "I'm one hell of a butler". During the holidays, I watched a ton of Anime. Something interesting about myself is that I like watching anime during my free time.

This is the saying that Sebastian says to other people, "Watashi wa akumade shitsuju desu!" which means 'I'm one hell of a butler.'


  1. Hi Alisha,
    I really liked reading your recount about what happened during the holidays. Also how you translated some of the words in english!

  2. Ohayo Alisha,

    I really enjoyed reading your school holidays blog post. I never knew that you loved watching "Black Butler." I really like the way that you said what Sebastian said and you translated them in english.

    What you need to try and fix is replaying 'is' with 'it' so it can make sense.

    By Roimata.


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