Friday, 11 March 2016

The Unordinary Kid

Walt: add detail to our writing by using descriptive language. Walt: write stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution
The Unordinary Kid

There he was the only kid who didn’t have friends. It didn’t seem to bother him that everyone thought he was a freak. He liked to be the only one who no one came up to him and bothered him. His name was Zero Macjones, his parents were world famous celebritys. He always wore blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a white shirt on top with the buttons open.

His parents were worried about him having no friends. He would just say “ I don’t need friends and everyone thinks I'm weird just because I like to skateboard in cemeteries.” When his parents heard Zero’s statement they were shocked. His mother would complain to his father that why Zero isn't normal ? And his father would say in reply “ He’s just different and I like the way he is.”

On a Saturday afternoon just as usually, Zero was skateboarding in Ember Jackson cemetery. Just as soon as Zero did his favourite stunt. And a police car pull up by the entrance to the cemetery, two policemen slowly approached him . A few minutes later Zero was sitting in the back seat, of the police car. His face expression showed a mad expression.

A few minutes later, the police car pulled up on the Macjones driveway. As the car pulled up and stopped with a squeak of the brakes, Zero’s Mother peered out of the window.

After the car pulled up, the two police offices and Zero knocked on the door. Zero’s Mother opened the door with a shocking expression. The two police offices spoked to Zero’s Mother and Zero stomped his way to his room.

After the police offices left, Zero’s Mother spoke to Zero in a shake voice which sounded like she was about to cry. That day, Zero ‘s father came home from work. He through his bag on the floor and went up to Zero’s room.

Zero sat on his computer table staring at the dark black screen. Soon Mr Macjones, knocked on the door and spoke in a calm voice. After Mr Macjones was finished talking to Zero about today, Zero got banded from his laptop, Computer, Play Station and even his phone.

After Zero’s father had gone, Zero decided to take a walk. So he seeked out of the house when his parents were looking. He was thinking about why everyone thought he was weirdo ? Even his own parents thought he was weird. By the time he got back home, it was midnight. He thought to himself and said now none can tell me that I'm weird.
When Zero got back, he creped upstairs and went to his room.
The next day, Zero had fun at school he even offered to teach some kids at his school how to do tricks on his skateboard.

That day after school, his parents asked him about his school and how many friends he’s got. And final Zero in the first time in forever said “ I had a great day and I even have 5 friends, which are all my Best friends.”

This week in Miss Clark's literacy class we are learning about using descriptive words and we also learning about writing a narrative stories with a complete orientation, problem and resolution. In my narrative, it's about a boy named Zero who everyone thinks is a weird person just because he likes to skateboard in cemeteries.

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