Thursday, 18 February 2016

Lost and Found in a Theme Park

Once a upon a time there was a girl named Charlotte Jones, she is 11 years old girl who lives in sydney, Australia with her family. Charlotte isn't an ordinary girl she’s a witch. She just discovered her powers a month ago. Charlotte has dark black shining hair that she always wears in a pony tail.

One day Charlotte’s teacher Mrs Crab apple said that next week Monday there class is going to the theme park. Charlotte was so excited she and her best friend forever Eva were jumping up and down.

Just then Mrs Crab apple said that they had to start paying their trip money which was fifty dollars per a student. Lucky, Charlotte was saving up her pocket money to go to the, theme park. So she decided that this was a good idea to use her pocket money so she could go to the theme park.

That day, Charlotte’s Mum came to pick her up. As they walked to their house Charlotte told  Mrs Jones all about the trip. As Charlotte told her mum more and more, information she also got more and more enthusiastic.

As the weekend got towards a end and Monday got closer, Charlotte was so excited she could barely stand still. Soon it was Sunday, Charlotte was still excited. That day, She went over to Eva’s house. She and Eva had planned at her house, that Charlotte would help her pick an outfit.  

When she got to Eva’s house she knocked on the door and waited and heard Eva’s mum shout “ Who is it ? “ then Charlotte said “ It’s me Charlotte.” And Eva’s mum opened the door. And shouted “ Eva, Charlotte's here.”

That evening, Charlotte and Eva had so much fun. That they didn’t even notice the time go by. Soon it was time for Charlotte to go so she said her Goodbyes and walked back to her house. Charlotte was lucky that she lived close to Eva’s house so she could go to Eva’s house whenever she likes

The next morning Charlotte woke up early then she usually does. She woke up made her bed. Brushed her teeth and decided what to wear. She could didn’t find the same socks and found mismatches all the time. But instead of wearing mismatches she checked if no one was looking. And said “ mismatches to matches.”

After that, She decided that it was time for breakfast. She ran down the stairs and saw one of Mum’s home made blueberry Muffins grabbed one and ran out the door towards the bus stop. At the bus stop she saw Eva in a small group. When she got to the Eva  She said” am I late ? “ and Eva replied “ No but why are you still eating one of your mum’s home made muffins ?” Charlotte didn’t reply.

After then Charlotte and Eva  boarded the bus and took the seat at the back. On the Bus, Charlotte and Eva looked out the window. When they got to school, Charlotte and Eva got to their classroom they went and sat at there desk far away from each other.

Soon it was time for everyone to board the bus, when they got on the bus they were instructed that they had to get into pairs and stay in pairs so they don’t get lost. So, everyone had to get into pairs soon there were only two people who didn’t have a pather.  The only two who were left was Charlotte and Eva, so they were a pair.   

Mrs Crab apple asked “ Has everyone found a panther ?” and everyone replied “ Yes” , so everyone started to get in line to board the bus. As everyone started to board the bus, Charlotte asked Eva “ have you ever been to a theme park ? “ and Eva replied “ No, but this is going to be fun isn’t it ? “ and Charlotte replied “ yes, hey it’s almost our turn to board the bus.”

As the last pair boarded the bus, the bus driver asked “ is everyone ready ?” and everyone answered back “ Yes !”. As soon as the Bus driver started the engine they were off to the theme park. After a while, the teacher said “ let’s sing a song “ and everyone broke into a chorus of a song. And the teacher shouted “ Sing one song “ and everyone started to sing one song.

Charlotte and Eva eventually got sick of the terrible singing and started to join in the students of terrible singing. After one hour of terrible singing they arrived at the theme park.

Then they got off the bus and got in line to enter the theme park. After they buy their tickets they could get into pairs and go on rides.  Soon they were all go different ways. Charlotte asked “ So which one do you want to go on first ?”, Eva didn’t reply.  

Charlotte decided that they should go on the karts first,  she grabbed Eva’s hand and ran towards the scorpion karts line. Just then Eva woke up from her daydream and said “ Why are we in line for the scorpion kart ?” and Charlotte replied “ I asked you but didn’t said anything.” After that it was almost Charlotte and Eva’s turn.

When it was their turn, one of the people who work the rides came towards them and she said “ You two will have to go separately.” Charlotte quickly said “okay ” and ran towards a empty purple kart and got buckled. On the other hand, Eva said “ alright “  and walked towards a blue cart and slowly got buckled.  

While they were in the race track, Charlotte drove the kart really well but Eva was new to this ride and she crashed once and or twice. When the ride was over, Charlotte jumped out of the ride and said in a joyful voice “ let’s go again.” But Eva got off and said “ let’s not go on again.”

After that, Eva and Charlotte picked a ride but this time Eva picked. She picked the Roller Coaster. Eva and Charlotte walked towards the ride but it was on the other side of the theme park. When they got there the line was really really long.

Instead of waiting in line, Eva and Charlotte ran into the line of the log flung which was really short. After a little while it was Charlotte and Eva’s turn as the flung comes towards the platform. Eva and Charlotte got into one of the log and sat down.

As the log entered a cave, Charlotte whispered to Eva “ It’s so Dark “ but Charlotte said to herself “ I think she didn’t hear me.” Soon the ride gain speed and they were screaming. As the Ride went down a hill the girls were shouting. After that the ride came to a stop, and the two girls go off and on to the platform.

After a few more rides Charlotte and Eva had to get back with the Class. As the went on looking for there class, Charlotte and Eva hadn't found them. Soon it was almost closing down time and the two girls could find them.

After a long while the two girls saw their class in line for the last ride of the day which was the pirate ship. So off they went to the pirate ship, suddenly their teacher did a headcount and saw two pairs missing.

Which started to make Mrs Crab apple worried, but just in time Charlotte and Eva seeked in to the group of kids. Their teacher decided that she missed counting two people and did another headcount again, except this time she did miss two counting people. After that it was their turn for the Pirate ship so they board the pirate ship.

After a little while the giant pirate ship begun to swing one side towards the other. As this was the last ride they all enjoyed it. After the ride was over they all went towards the bus and boarded it, and off they went back to school.

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