Monday, 11 January 2016

Museum adventure

Today was a totally awesome day !
Oh hello, I was just talking about me and my family's trip to the museum.

We woke up in the morning and saw the terrible weather. And decided today was the perfect day to go to the museum. So we started packing our bags.

Later on I got changed,  had breakfast and placed our stuff in the car. After my mum got changed we hopped into the car, and started our journey to the museum.

After that we made a mini break and restarted our journey. Then after a short time we arrived at the museum. The museum is a 3 level building, with 5 sections. 2 levels have 2 sections and one level has 3 sections.

Anyway we arrived at the museum and found a parking space. There after we got all our stuff (lunch and snacks) and walked up a big hill. Afterwards, went through the big main door.

A minute later,  we went to the lunch room and had a snack, "I wonder what's for lunch break ?".Hmmmmmm ....... well we had one pack of cookies,  one lunchbox of strawberry jam sandwiches, two large bottles of L & and coffee.

I had 5 cookies, a glass of L&P. It was Delicious. After a 2 minute snack break we started pack thing up and put it away.
After that we went to level 2,  and we saw all the artifacts.

My favourite artiafact was the Volcano one, which had an earthquake room. After that we made our way to level 1 and saw all the artifacts, my favorite part was the weird and wonderful. Which had cool and weir facts and animals.

After that we went to the lunch room and had a snack break. And I had cookies and a glass of L&P. After that we went to the ground level saw all the artifacts and went home.

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  1. Hi Alisha,

    Wow, it sounds like you had a great time at the museum with your family. It is a really interesting place to visit, isn't it? There is so much to learn about how the world works. One of my favourite parts of the museum is the geology area where you learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. It's pretty amazing to learn about how these things develop.

    Now that you've learned a bit more about the world and adventured to the museum, we'd love to have you pop online and do some more of the summer learning journey through Japan. I wonder if you will discover some similarities between Japan and New Zealand. I found that there were quite a few things that were the same in both countries, particularly when it came to natural history. Did you know that both countries are very susceptible to earthquakes and that both countries experience dozens of earthquakes every year?

    I'll check back in tomorrow to see if you've had any time to continue with the summer learning journey!

    Cheers, Rachel


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